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Tepezza Lawsuit

Are you considering filing a Tepezza lawsuit? Do you need a Tepezza hearing loss lawyer? We can help. If you or a loved one have experienced hearing loss or tinnitus after taking Tepezza, you may be eligible for legal action. Tepezza is a prescription drug used to treat thyroid eye disease, but recent studies have found that the drug may cause permanent hearing problems in some patients. This can have a significant impact on your quality of life, making it difficult to communicate with others and participate in everyday activities.

At Estey & Bomberger, LLP, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that Tepezza-related hearing loss can take on your life.  If you have been affected by Tepezza, our lawyers can help. Contact us today at (800) 260-7197 to learn how our Tepezza lawsuit attorneys can represent your case and help you recover the settlement that you deserve.

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  • Our firm has a proven track record of success in obtaining successful settlements and jury verdicts, and we are committed to holding manufacturers of dangerous drugs accountable. Over a five-year period, we recovered over $500 million for our clients.
  • We understand how overwhelming and challenging the legal process can be. Our attorneys will handle all aspects of your case so that you can focus on healing and recovery, not complex litigation. 
  • At Estey & Bomberger, LLP, we take all cases on a contingency fee basis to limit your out-of-pocket costs. If we do not recover a settlement or jury verdict on your behalf, you will not be charged any legal fees.

What Is Tepezza?

Tepezza is a prescription medication approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat thyroid eye disease (TED). TED is a rare autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation and swelling of the tissues around the eyes. Symptoms of this condition may include:

  • Pain in the eyes
  • A gritty feeling in the eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Bulging eyes, also known as proptosis
  • Double vision or diplopia
  • Swelling of the eyelids
  • Abnormal eyelid positioning

Developed by Horizon Therapeutics, Tepezza works by blocking the activity of insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R), which is believed to contribute to the development of TED. Administered intravenously over a period of three to six months, Tepezza can help improve unpleasant symptoms such as eye-bulging, double vision, and eye pain in patients with active TED. However, this medication has been also linked to dangerous side effects, including hearing loss and tinnitus.

How Does Tepezza Cause Hearing Loss?

When Tepezza was first approved by the FDA, Horizon acknowledged that the drug presented a risk of hearing loss or damage as a potential side effect. However, the company downplayed the severity of this risk, stating that only 10% of users would experience this potential side effect, and characterizing hearing loss as temporary and limited in duration.

These claims were contradicted by statements from patients and doctors, who began reporting serious complications relating to ear and permanent hearing problems in patients taking Tepezza. Additionally, new research emerged that showed that Horizon not only grossly underestimated the risk of Tepezza-related hearing damage, but also downplayed how serious and sometimes permanent this damage could be. 

An Endocrine Society study published in March 2021 found that 65% of patients who received Tepezza reported some level of hearing loss, hearing damage, or constant ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus. This is an extremely high percentage and is over six times higher than the estimated risk that Horizon originally disclosed in its product packaging and warning labels. Now, former Tepezza patients are filing lawsuits against the company for failing to warn the public about these dangerous side effects. 

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Filing a Lawsuit Against Horizon Therapeutics

Permanent hearing loss or tinnitus can significantly impact your quality of life. It can make it challenging to communicate with others and lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and depression.  If you have taken Tepezza and have experienced these damaging effects, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer.

Tepezza lawsuits began to be filed in 2022 and are still in their early stages. According to these claims, Horizon Therapeutics failed to adequately warn patients and doctors about the potential risks of hearing loss or tinnitus associated with the drug. Additionally, the label did not indicate that these problems could be permanent.

Pursuing this type of claim can not only provide you with a sense of justice and closure, but it can alleviate the financial burden that you sustained as a result. By filing a Tepezza lawsuit, you could recover compensation for the other damages that you experienced due to your hearing loss. Additionally, these claims can also help raise awareness of the risks associated with taking Tepezza. Your lawsuit could potentially prevent others from experiencing the same harmful side effects. 

Compensation Available in a Tepezza Lawsuit

If you have suffered permanent hearing loss or tinnitus after taking Tepezza, you may be eligible for compensation through a Tepezza lawsuit. Compensation in these cases typically includes economic damages, which refer to your financial losses, and non-economic damages, which refer to the physical and emotional pain and suffering that you endured.

Below are a few examples of the damages that you could recover in your settlement:

  • Past and Future Medical Expenses: If you have incurred medical expenses related to your hearing loss or tinnitus, such as doctor visits, tests, or treatments, you may be able to recover these costs. Additionally, if you will need ongoing medical care for your condition, such as hearing aids or therapy, you may be able to recover the cost of these expenses as well. In some cases, you can recover compensation for travel expenses related to your medical appointments.
  • Lost Wages and Future Earnings: If you have had to take time off work or have lost your job as a result of your hearing loss or tinnitus, you may be able to recover compensation for the wages that you lost as a result. You may also be able to recover damages for future lost earnings if your condition will prevent you from working in the same capacity or position as before.
  • Pain and Suffering: Hearing loss and tinnitus can have a significant impact on your quality of life, causing pain, discomfort, and emotional distress. You may be able to recover damages for these non-economic losses, including compensation for permanent disability, mental anguish, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain and discomfort.

The amount of compensation you may be able to recover in a Tepezza lawsuit will depend on the specific details of your case, including the extent of your injuries and the impact they have had on your life. For example, a person with complete, permanent hearing loss would likely recover a higher settlement than a person with temporary or partial deafness. 

A Tepezza lawsuit attorney from Estey & Bomberger, LLP can help you assess your damages and build a strong case to seek the maximum amount of compensation available to you. We will carefully evaluate all pieces of evidence and identify every possible avenue to recovery, leveraging this information to accurately calculate your potential award.

Who Is Eligible for a Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit? 

Individuals who have taken Tepezza and suffered from permanent or persistent hearing loss or tinnitus may be eligible to file a lawsuit against Horizon Therapeutics. However, eligibility for a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit depends on several factors, including your specific medical history and circumstances. To determine if you are eligible for a lawsuit, it is important to speak with an attorney who can evaluate your case as soon as possible.

During your initial consultation, your attorney may ask several questions to assess your eligibility:

  • When did you use Tepezza? The date of the Tepezza treatment is important in determining whether the lawsuit falls within the statute of limitations.
  • How many infusions or treatments did you have? The number of treatments that you have received may be relevant in assessing the extent of the damage caused by the drug.
  • What type of hearing problems did you experience? The severity and type of hearing problems experienced can help determine the amount of compensation that you could recover. 
  • When did a doctor diagnose you with hearing problems? The date of diagnosis may help determine whether the hearing loss or tinnitus was caused by Tepezza or another contributing factor.
  • Did your doctor treat you for any Tepezza-related injuries? Medical records may help establish a link between the drug and your hearing loss or tinnitus.
  • Did your doctor tell you that your hearing problems may be related to Tepezza? This may help show that the doctor recognized a connection between the drug and your condition.

If your attorney believes that you qualify for litigation, he or she will carefully explain your next steps and options for compensation. In the event that you decide to pursue a lawsuit, your lawyer will begin gathering evidence and help you file your case within the appropriate court system.

Statute of Limitations for Tepezza Lawsuits

If you believe that you are eligible for a Tepezza lawsuit, it is important to take action right away. There is a limited amount of time in which you could file your claim, and if you miss the relevant deadline, the court will most likely bar you from pursuing compensation. This is known as the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations for Tepezza lawsuits varies by state, typically ranging from two to four years. However, some states may have filing deadlines as short as one year, while others could be six years or longer. The clock typically starts running from the date of injury, the date that you first purchased the medication, or the date the injury was discovered. 

There are some exceptions to the rule that could lengthen the filing deadline. For example, if the individual who suffered hearing loss or tinnitus is a minor or legally incapacitated, the statute of limitations may be extended. However, these circumstances are quite rare and do not apply to every case.

Filing your Tepezza lawsuit within the statute of limitations is very important, as failing to do so could result in your case being dismissed by the court. To protect your right to financial recovery, it is critical to seek the advice of a Tepezza lawsuit attorney as soon as you can. Your lawyer can assess several factors, such as where you live and the various exceptions that could apply to your case, and help you file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.

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Why You Need an Attorney for Your Tepezza Lawsuit

Hearing loss and tinnitus can affect your life in several ways, from your financial status and physical health to your emotional well-being. In these situations, you deserve to hold Horizon Therapeutics accountable for its dangerous medication. However, navigating the legal process can be challenging without a lawyer on your side.

When you hire a Tepezza lawsuit attorney from Estey & Bomberger, LLP, you gain an advocate who will guide you through the legal process and work to achieve the highest possible settlement in your case. Working with an experienced product liability attorney can investigate the details of your case, collect evidence, and build a strong argument for your right to compensation while leveraging a wide network of resources. 

Your lawyer can also represent you in court and handle all communication with Horizon and its legal counsel. He or she can help you understand what to expect next in your case and prepare you for each stage. Additionally, your attorney can advise you on the potential value of your case and help you understand the damages you may be entitled.

Without the proper legal knowledge and resources, you may find yourself facing significant hurdles and roadblocks throughout the litigation process. By working with an attorney experienced with defective drug claims, you will have the support and resources you need to present the strongest possible case to the court.

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