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Estey & Bomberger attorneys have attracted both national and local media attention and have been featured on CNN, the CBS Evening News, The Associated Press, Reuters, Telemundo, Univision, the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union Tribune.

In the Media

CrossFit Journal — April 28, 2018

Protecting young athletes from abuse

Fresno Bee — April 12, 2018

Sex assault survivor stands up for herself and encourages others

ABC 10 News — April 11, 2018

Neighbors tired of ‘close calls’ at busy intersections — following an Estey & Bomberger study on dangerous intersections

ABC 30 News (Fresno) — April 10, 2018

Steve Estey’s case about sexual assault by Buchanan High School athletes

Think Progress — February 9, 2018

Steve Estey contributes to this article on the US Olympic Committee’s priorities — brand vs. athlete safety

Rob Thompson Live — February 1, 2018

Mike Bomberger on behalf of cycling industry leader Rider Safety Visibility, on Rob’s podcast discussing “Why Bicycle Safety?”

The Sundial, California State University, Northridge — January 25, 2018

Most dangerous California intersection for pedestrians is in Northridge, CA, says Estey & Bomberger’s study

About Town Magazines — January 25, 2018

Pedestrian safety in San Diego, featuring details of the study Estey & Bomberger funded

Fresno Bee — January 18, 2018

School sexual assault case, featuring details of Estey & Bomberger’s lawsuit

Downey Patriot — January 15, 2018

Downey’s Firestone and Lakewood intersection is the fourth most dangerous for pedestrians — see details in the Estey & Bomberger funded study

Sacramento Bee — January 11, 2018

Plenty of red flags discussed in this school district sex abuse lawsuit of Steve Estey’s

ABC 10 — December 18, 2017

Sexual predator is sentenced criminally, and other updates in Steve Estey’s civil case against a school district

US News & World Report — December 15, 2017

Steve Estey’s verdict against Hacienda La Puente school district

LA Times — December 15, 2017

Student drawn into sexual relationship with her Los Altos High teacher — the verdict redirects shame from the student to the school

San Francisco Chronicle / SF Gate — December 15, 2017

Hacienda La Puente school district gets multi-million dollar verdict in Steve Estey’s lawsuit

San Gabriel Valley Tribune — December 15, 2017

Los Altos High School molestation case — Hayley Munguia discusses the $8 million verdict with Steve Estey

Omaha World Herald — December 15, 2017

Verdict in Steve Estey’s case against Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

My News LA — December 14, 2017

Young survivor of child sex abuse awarded $8 million in Steve Estey’s case against Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

San Diego Union Tribune — December 7, 2017

Mary Bajo discusses her clients, parents suing a school district after their child meets a predator using the school’s computer

NBC 7 News — December 6, 2017

Mary Bajo discusses San Dieguito Union School District’s negligence contributing to a young girl having sex with an adult

CBS 8 News — November 27, 2017

Mike Bomberger talks to Heather Hope about San Diego’s most dangerous, deadliest pedestrian intersections

Coast News — November 22, 2017

Steve Estey discusses additional details about the school district after the perpetrator’s sentencing is delayed.

Del Mar Times — November 16, 2017

Steve Estey comments on the sentencing for the man who molested a 12-year-old, and his lawsuit on behalf of the girl, against the school district

ABC 10 News — November 15, 2017

Follow up from ABC 10 on Steve Estey’s case against a school district for its negligence leading a child’s sex abuse

San Diego Union Tribune — November 15, 2017

Teri Figueroa discusses the sentencing for the molester of a 7th grader, as well as the civil case against the school district

Univision KBNT-TV — November 15, 2017

Gustavo Herrera discusses the negligent supervision at a local middle school, leading to sexual abuse of a girl

East County Magazine — November 15, 2017

East County Magazine writes on the Uber driver sentenced for rape

CBS 8 News — November 15, 2017

On the predator’s sentencing day, Attorney Mary Bajo points out the school’s negligence

Univision KBNT-TV — November 14, 2017

Gustavo Herrera discusses dangerous and deadly pedestrian intersections in San Diego

CBS 8 News — November 14, 2017

Attorney Mary Bajo and CBS’ Richard Allyn discuss negligent supervision at a middle school leading to sexual assault of a 12-year-old

Coast News — November 14, 2017

Steve Estey discusses how negligence led to a girl’s sexual assault at a middle school

ABC 10 News — November 13, 2017

Steve Estey discusses his case where computer access at a middle school opened door to sex predator

ABC 10 News — November 13, 2017

Mike Bomberger discusses the most dangerous and deadly intersections for pedestrians in San Diego

Fox 5 TV News — November 8, 2017

Cyclists Mike Bomberger and Ed Clancy weigh in on Rider Safety Visibility

Fresno Bee — August 10, 2017

The store appeared ideal for music lessons. Until the teacher molested their daughter

Northern California Record — August 7, 2017

Guardian, minor allege music school’s negligence led to sexual molestation; survivor represented by Estey & Bomberger, LLP

CBS News via Associated Press — August 4, 2017

Tae Kwon Do athletes sexually abused by coach Marc Gitelman; $60 million judgment

ABC News Los Angeles, via Associated Press — August 3, 2017

Brian Melley, AP’s LA Bureau, discusses Tae Kwon Do coach Marc Gitelman and the $60 million judgment against him for sex abuse of children with Steve Estey

Los Angeles Times — August 3, 2017

Leila Miller interviews Steve Estey on the $60 million judgment in a case against the Tae Kwon Do instructor that molested young athletes

Our City San Diego — May/June, 2017

Mike Stetz interviews Mike Bomberger, a Litigator of the Year, on one of the biggest legal wins of the past year

Daily Journal — June 14, 2017

Steve J. Estey honored as a Top Plaintiff Lawyer by the Daily Journal

The Guardian, University of California San Diego — June 5, 2017

Rebecca Chong discusses a teacher sex abuse case at Preuss School with Steve Estey

WKTV News 2 Utica, NY — June 5, 2017

Steve Estey gives more details of his client’s sexual molestation by a Catholic priest three decades ago

New York Daily News — June 3, 2017

Rich Schapiro writes on the case of Matthew Strzepek’s $25 million suit against the Catholic Diocese of Syracuse as well as the priest who abused him — June 2, 2017

Steve Estey talks to John O’Brien about his client’s case; the 41-year-old man was abused by a Catholic priest at ages 12-15

ABC 10 News San Diego — May 24, 2017

Steve Estey and his client’s mother interviewed on the case of the UCSD Preuss School teacher convicted of molesting his student

ABC 10 News San Diego — May 24, 2017

Video of Steve Estey and his client’s mother discussing the grooming and molestation of a student at Preuss School of UCSD

Attorney Journal San Diego — June 1, 2017

Mike Bomberger is recognized for his appointment to the Professional Advisory Council of the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation

Law 360 — March 17, 2017

Steve Estey weighs in on the upcoming trial of Graham Spanier, former Penn State University president, on charges of child endangerment in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal      (PDF)

Washington Post — March 2, 2017

US Senators John Thune and Jerry Moran want answers from USOC on sex abuse policies and procedures, in Steve Estey’s lawsuit

Washington Post — February 14, 2017

Steve Estey weighs in on this compelling story of sexual abuse of athletes, involving their coach, USA Taekwondo and the USOC

KESQ — ABC TV News 3 and CBS 2 in Palm Springs — November 11, 2016

KESQ News’ Joe Galli interviews Mike Bomberger on the most dangerous intersections in the Coachella Valley

Curbed Los Angeles — November 11, 2016

Curbed LA publishes Estey & Bomberger’s research on 2015 collision data in the state of California

Change is in the Air (radio show) — November 7, 2016

Steve Estey and Amanda Zarate from Fighting for Me discuss institutional sex abuse with host Nicole Smith

Fox 40 TV News Sacramento — October 12, 2016

Steve Estey comments on child sex abuse allegations at Prairie Elementary School

Daily Journal — June 15, 2016

Mike Bomberger honored as a Top Plaintiff Lawyer by the Daily Journal

La Jolla Light — June 2, 2016

Mike Bomberger comments on the La Jolla Light’s May 26 article concerning safer, friendlier biking in La Jolla

ABC 10 News San Diego (KGTV) — April 13, 2016

Mike Bomberger’s client, the victim of a hospital error resulting in brain damage, gets a $20 million settlement — it’s the largest medical malpractice settlement in California history

ABC 10 News San Diego (KGTV) — April 13, 2016

Steve Estey weighs in on three Mar Vista employees accused of child sex abuse

ABC 10 News San Diego (KGTV) — May 21, 2016

Attorney Mike Bomberger educates the 10 News audience about dangerous conditions resulting in the catastrophic Fiesta Island cycling accident of Juan Carlos Vinolo and others

San Diego Union Tribune — June 27, 2014

Steve Estey discusses how $2.3 million verdict against rehab facility for sex abuse can force facilities to improve background checks

San Diego Union Tribune — May 19, 2014

Mike Bomberger, a cyclist himself, comments on a case where a hit-and-run driver swerved onto the shoulder, crushed client Robert DeMaio’s bicycle — and, almost, Robert along with it.

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Former teacher, Hacienda La Puente school district sued over student molestations


Billionaire Curt Johnson Sued For Sexual Abuse By Stepdaughter’s Friend

San Francisco Chronicle

San Jose School District to Pay $15 Million in Abuse Settlement

Contra Costa Times

San Jose School District Molestation Trial Begins

KPCC Public Radio

LAUSD must pay about $7 million for teacher molesting 14-year-old


LAUSD to pay $6.9 million in abuse case; Miramonte could be costly

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against son of ex-Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez in stabbing death

NBC Los Angeles

LAUSD Ordered to Pay $6.9 Million in Molestation Case Verdict

Christian Science Monitor

Boy awarded $6.9 million after teacher sexually molested him

10 News

Investigation Continues In Fatal SR-78 Crash

Attorney Journal Community News

Estey Bomberger recovers $2 million for a seriously injured  San Diego woman.

10 News

More Plaintiffs Expected To Join Lawsuit

NBC San Diego

Family of Boy Struck by Truck Sues City

Tentative Settlement in Trash Truck vs. Boy Case: Attorney 

San Diego Union Tribune

Boy hurt in trash truck crash recovering

Possible $18.5M settlement for boy hit by trash truck

Rock Church faces child sex abuse lawsuit

10 News

Woman Blames Skechers Butt-Shaping Shoes For Broken Bones

San Diego Union Tribune — January 17, 2013

Steve Estey discusses the sex abuse case against Rock Church with Dana Littlefield

San Diego Attorney Journal

The Team to Beat

10 News

Lawsuit Claims Dozens Injured By Company’s Special Shoes

10 News

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Men In Fatal Stabbing Case

San Diego Union Tribune

Ex-foster child gets $30M in Calif sex abuse case

Fox 5 News San Diego — March 29, 2010

Costco Crash Victim’s Family Pleads for New Elderly Driving Laws
Mike Bomberger interviewed about the accident by Fox’s Heather Ford