George Roussos - Bicycle Accident
Robert Deamio - Bicycle v Car Accident
Gordon Gardner - Sexual Abuse Case
Rachelle Smith - Bicycle Accident
Martin Fricke - Motor Vehicle Accident
Kat Wilson - Motor Vehicle Accident
Gus Herrera - Motor Vehicle Accident
Client Testimonial - Wrongful Death
Allan Havis - Dog Bite
Brian Richeson - Work Injury
Joe Seemayer - Motorcycle Accident
Louis Tejeda - Motorcycle Accident
Jeff Lambing - Bicycle Accident
Client Testimonial - Personal Injury

Everybody at the office treated us well. Every time we called, they handled whatever situation was happening. We were kept up-to-date and the staff answered all of our questions when we had them. If someone asked me for a lawyer, I would recommend Estey & Bomberger. George Roussos

George Roussos - Motor Vehicle Accident

I lost my husband and sole provider as the result of him falling out of a tree. I was distraught and devastated. I felt that it was the tree owner’s responsibility to make things right. Unfortunately, the insurance company did not agree with me. That is when I hired Steve Estey of Estey & Bomberger to help me.

Steve, his staff, and team of investigators quickly investigated my case and argued my case to the insurance company. That is when the insurance company decided to pay to me the full amount of their policy limits. I could not be more pleased with their results.

I would definitely refer my friends and family to Estey & Bomberger if they ever needed any legal help.

Nhanh N. - Motor Vehicle Accident

I was extremely satisfied. I never thought we would settle the case for so much. Everybody at the office treated us well. Every time we called, they handled whatever situation was happening. Greg and Kirsten were the most helpful. We were kept up-to-date and the staff answered all of our questions when we had them. Someone always called me back right away when I would leave a message. If someone asked me for a lawyer, I would recommend Estey & Bomberger.

James S. - Motor Vehicle Accident

I was very satisfied; they handled (my case) quickly; they treated me well. All the time you guys called me and updated me. You guys are great and thanks for your help.

Kenneth P. - Motor Vehicle Accident

Estey & Bomberger represented me in a bicycle accident case that was the result of a product failure. Their expert advice, patience during a long recovery from the injury, and diligent work behind the scenes greatly facilitated the settlement process and led to a great outcome. Without hesitation, I recommend Estey & Bomberger to anyone in a similar situation.

A.K., San Marcos - Bicycle Accident

I was training for my third Ironman. My friend Jim and I were riding from Carlsbad down to La Jolla, which was under construction, and my front wheel lodged into a divot and it stopped me, and, because I was going about 20 mph, I launched over my handlebars and hit the K-rail. My injuries were: mild brain injury, fractured temple, broke my cheekbone in two places and really messed up my right shoulder. Mike Bomberger was there for me from Day 1. The construction company was held accountable, which was my number one concern. I mean, settling and getting a payout was awesome, I’m grateful for that, very grateful. I definitely recommend Estey & Bomberger.

Jeff Lambing - Motor Vehicle Accident

Basically, I was on a bicycle training ride and was heading west on Washington Avenue. A gentleman opened his car door without looking to make sure traffic was clear and as I tried to swerve to miss his door he was coming out so hard he caught me in the side of the bike. When he did that, of course, I came to an abrupt stop and it knocked me into the traffic that I was riding alongside and pin-balled me off of the side of the car in the traffic lane you know.

Severe trauma to lower back where there was inflammation, swelling, as well as some things with my knee that had tightened up and had swollen up so at that point I turned the damages over to my insurance and just made the claim through my insurance. Then I sought Estey & Bomberger’s help for the physical damage to me because I was training for a 100-mile mountain bike race in Colorado that was 6 weeks away and I wouldn’t have been able to compete in that had I not had the physical therapy and so I went to see Mike and he said, ‘Look all your worries are done, I’m going to take care of everything. You go train, you take care of yourself, get better, do what you need to do at the doctor. And you don’t have to worry about a single thing with the insurance company any longer.’

A couple of months later they called and said everything’s been resolved, are you okay with this, and it was more than what I expected. Being able to get back into training and not having to worry about dealing with the insurance company, and knowing that I could get the physical therapy I needed to get back on the bike went a long way in that.

I would absolutely recommend them. If I come up with anything else like this again, knock on wood that I won’t, 100% I’d call them first.

Steven B. - Motor Vehicle Accident

It’s rare to find an attorney with a humanitarian side, but that’s exactly what I found in Mike and his team. I highly recommend speaking with Mike and his team if you are considering hiring an attorney. If you want more than just someone that looks at you as a piggy bank, if you want someone that truly cares about making you whole again financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically, then I suggest you stop looking and give this amazing team a call. They have done an excellent job with my representation and I couldn’t be happier with the amount of care and compassion in how they handled my case. Although my case has been painful and emotionally trying, they have gone above and beyond to make things as painless as humanly possible. I am truly blessed to have Mike and his team on my side.

Kerry - Personal Injury Client