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Military Base Water Contamination Lawsuit

Were you stationed on a military base and become sick due to PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances)? You may have a case and may be entitled to financial compensation.

PFAS and the Impact on Health

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals that have been used in various industrial applications and consumer products since the 1940s. Known for their resistance to water, grease, and stains, PFAS have been utilized in firefighting foams, non-stick cookware, water-repellent clothing, and numerous other products. Workers in many industries have been exposed to PFAS. For people who have lived on military bases, PFAS contaminated the water supply. If you or a family member was harmed from contaminated water, you may have a valid claim and you may be entitled to compesation.

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Health Risks Associated with PFAS Exposure

Exposure to PFAS has been linked to various health issues, including:

  • Cancer: Studies have shown a potential connection between PFAS exposure and cancers such as kidney and testicular cancer.
  • Liver Damage: PFAS can cause liver damage, including elevated levels of liver enzymes.
  • Immune System Effects: PFAS exposure may lead to a weakened immune system, reducing the body’s ability to fight infections.
  • Thyroid Disease: PFAS chemicals can interfere with thyroid function, leading to various thyroid-related disorders.
  • Reproductive Issues: PFAS exposure has been associated with reduced fertility and complications during pregnancy.

PFAS Contamination on Military Bases

Military bases across the United States have a long history of using firefighting foams containing PFAS, particularly aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF). These foams have been essential for training exercises and emergency responses due to their effectiveness in rapidly extinguishing fuel-based fires. However, the extensive use of AFFF has led to significant PFAS contamination in various military installations, impacting the health and well-being of service members, their families, and civilian employees.

How PFAS Contamination Occurs

PFAS contamination on military bases occurs primarily through the repeated use of firefighting foams during training drills and emergency responses. These substances can seep into the ground, contaminating soil and groundwater. Over time, PFAS can spread through the environment, affecting drinking water supplies and entering the food chain. Once released, PFAS are highly persistent, meaning they do not break down easily and can accumulate in the environment and in human bodies over many years.

Impact on Drinking Water Supplies

One of the most concerning aspects of PFAS contamination on military bases is its impact on drinking water supplies. Many military installations rely on groundwater as their primary source of drinking water. When PFAS from firefighting foams contaminate this water, it poses a significant health risk to those living and working on the base. Studies have shown that even low levels of PFAS in drinking water can lead to adverse health effects, making the contamination a critical issue for military communities.

Health Risks for Military Personnel and Families

Service members, their families, and civilian employees exposed to PFAS-contaminated water on military bases may face a range of health risks. These include the development of serious conditions such as cancer, liver damage, immune system suppression, thyroid disease, and reproductive issues. The long-term nature of PFAS exposure means that symptoms may not appear until many years after the initial exposure, complicating the process of linking health issues to contamination.

Government and Military Response

In recent years, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has taken steps to address PFAS contamination on military bases. This includes conducting extensive testing to identify affected areas, providing alternative drinking water sources, and initiating cleanup efforts to reduce PFAS levels. However, these measures are ongoing, and many affected individuals continue to face health challenges related to past exposure.

Legal Recourse for Affected Individuals

Individuals who have lived or worked on PFAS-contaminated military bases and are experiencing health issues may have legal recourse. Lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of PFAS-containing firefighting foams and against the government for failing to protect service members and their families from exposure. Successful legal actions can provide compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages related to PFAS exposure.

Your Legal Rights and Potential Compensation

If you have been stationed on a military base and have experienced health issues potentially linked to PFAS exposure, you may be entitled to compensation. Legal actions against manufacturers of PFAS-containing products or the military may provide financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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Base State PFAS Levels (parts per trillion)
England Air Force Base Louisiana 20700000.00
Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake California 8000000.00
Dover Air Force Base Delaware 4338000.00
Myrtle Beach Air Force Base South Carolina 2640000.00
Langley Air Force Base Virginia 2225000.00
Naval Air Station Jacksonville Florida 1397120.00
Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station New York 1310000.00
Grand Prairie Armed Forces Reserve Complex Texas 1247000.00
Altus Air Force Base Oklahoma 1150000.00
Charleston Air Force Base South Carolina 1150000.00
Barksdale Air Force Base Louisiana 1100000.00
Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme California 1080000.00
Plattsburgh Air Force Base New York 1045000.00
Mather Air Force Base California 910000.00
Tyndall Air Force Base Florida 902460.00
Schriever Air Force Base Colorado 870000.00
Sheppard Air Force Base Texas 850000.00
Columbus Air Force Base Mississippi 810700.00
Chanute Air Force Base Illinois 806000.00
Marine Corps Air Station Tustin California 770000.00
Joint Base San Antonio Texas 767000.00
Travis Air Force Base California 712000.00
Dyess Air Force Base Texas 702000.00
Eglin Air Force Base Florida 552200.00
Ellsworth Air Force Base South Dakota 551000.00
MacDill Air Force Base Florida 523710.00
Naval Air Station Oceana Virginia 493600.00
Minot Air Force Base North Dakota 453000.00
Fort Smith Municipal Airport Arkansas 412000.00
Klamath Falls International Airport Oregon 401000.00
Moody Air Force Base Georgia 375000.00
Westover Air Reserve Base Massachusetts 360000.00
Eaker Air Force Base Arkansas 359000.00
Jacksonville International Airport Florida 337000.00
Naval Air Station Alameda California 336000.00
Eielson Air Force Base Alaska 334200.00
Horsham Air Guard Station Pennsylvania 329500.00
Vance Air Force Base Oklahoma 329000.00
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base North Carolina 312000.00
Edwards Air Force Base California 277000.00
Robins Air Force Base Georgia 276000.00
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst – McGuire New Jersey 264000.00
Galena Air Force Base Alaska 257710.00
Naval Air Station South Weymouth Massachusetts 256000.00
Joe Foss Field Air National Guard Base South Dakota 255100.00
Naval Research Laboratory Chesapeake Bay Detachment Maryland 241110.00
Shaw Air Force Base South Carolina 210000.00
Buckley Air Force Base Colorado 205000.00
Randolph Air Force Base Texas 182000.00
Arnold Air Force Base Tennessee 175000.00
Peoria International Airport Illinois 171000.00
Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma 170000.00
Fairchild Air Force Base Washington 167000.00
Vandenberg Air Force Base California 158200.00
Fort Carson Colorado 156000.00
Hancock Field Air National Guard Base New York 139500.00
Salt Lake City International Airport Utah 139000.00
F.E. Warren Air Force Base Wyoming 136000.00
General Mitchell International Airport Wisconsin 135000.00
Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida 126300.00
Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base Alabama 122000.00
US Army Reserve Fort McCoy Wisconsin 120000.00
Reno Tahoe International Airport Nevada 119700.00
K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base Michigan 110000.00
Hurlburt Field Air Force Base Florida 109830.00
Air Force Plant 6 Georgia 98000.00
Pease Air Force Base New Hampshire 96900.00
Cheyenne Municipal Airport Wyoming 94400.00
Seneca Army Ammunition Plant New York 89000.00
Whiteman Air Force Base Missouri 89000.00
Fort Meade Maryland 87000.00
Alpena County Regional Airport Michigan 82000.00
Keesler Air Force Base Mississippi 80819.00
Dobbins Air Force Base Georgia 80770.00
Wurtsmith Air Force Base Michigan 79772.00
Hector Field International Airport North Dakota 79000.00
Naval Air Station Pensacola (Saufley Field) Florida 79000.00
Fort Eustis Virginia 77600.00
Gulfport Regional Airport Mississippi 77600.00
Kelly Air Force Base Texas 77200.00
W.K. Kellogg Airport Michigan 76000.00
Burlington International Airport Vermont 72000.00
U.S. Air Force Academy Colorado 72000.00
Key Field Air National Guard Base Mississippi 71100.00
US Naval Academy Maryland 70000.00
Tulsa International Airport Oklahoma 69000.00
Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport West Virginia 64600.00
Griffiss Air Force Base New York 61233.00
Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base Texas 61000.00
Rickenbacker Air Force Base Ohio 60200.00
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island – Ault Field Washington 58922.00
Battle Creek Air National Guard Base Michigan 55000.00
Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Fentress Virginia 52900.00
New Castle Airport Delaware 47900.00
Toledo Express Airport Ohio 47690.00
Birmingham International Airport Alabama 45230.00
Hanscom Air Force Base Massachusetts 44360.00
Portland International Airport Oregon 42970.00
Rosecrans Memorial Airport Missouri 39100.00
Chittenden County National Guard Base Vermont 38000.00
Joint Base Andrews Maryland 34500.00
Des Moines International Airport Iowa 33000.00
Peterson Air Force Base Colorado 15000.00
Fort Leavenworth Kansas 4022.70
Vint Hill Farms Virginia 1300.00
Joint Forces Training Base California 790.50
Belmont Armory Michigan 457.10
McChord Air Force Base Washington 303.00
Fort Hunter Liggett California 235.00
Sierra Army Depot California 221.00
Camp Grayling Michigan 172.30
El Campo Training Site Texas 169.57
Fort Lewis Washington 144.80
Picatinny Arsenal New Jersey 144.20
Camp Ethan Allen Vermont 112.20
Fort Drum New York 110.00
Castle Air Force Base California 88.70
Camp Smith New York 80.60
Yuma Proving Ground Arizona 66.60
Fort Bragg North Carolina 62.14
Coventry Training Site Rhode Island 61.21
Center Strafford Training Site New Hampshire 60.59
Bangor Air Guard Training Site Maine 55.32
West Point Military Reservation New York 55.00
Marianna Readiness Center Florida 53.25
Sharpe Army Depot California 43.70
Silverbell Army Heliport Arizona 39.17
Carlisle Barracks Pennsylvania 37.20
Rock Island Arsenal Illinois 34.00
Camp Navajo Arizona 31.26
Camp Tarlton Ohio 30.20
Camp Williams Utah 29.59
Fort Riley Kansas 28.80
Ocala Readiness Center Florida 26.98
Fort Huachuca Arizona 26.50
North Smithfield Air Guard Station Rhode Island 20.01
Camp Parks California 18.60
Camp Ripley Minnisota 18.39
Gunpowder Military Reservation Maryland 15.79
Shelbyville Army Aviation Support Facility Indiana 15.05
Frederick Readiness Center Maryland 14.69
Christmas Valley Air Force Station Oregon 14.30
Norfol Nebraska 13.82
Grand Ledge Army Aviation Support Michigan 13.63
Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland 13.20
Midwest City Readiness Center Oklahoma 11.91
Terre Haute Indiana 11.35
White Sands Missile Range New Mexico 11.00
Fort Gordon Georgia 10.80
Bend Oregon 9.75
Camp Grafton North Dakota 9.34
Custer Training Site South Dakota 8.57
Fort Detrick Maryland 8.00
Franklin New Jersey 7.68
Camp Guernsey Wyoming 7.06
Camp Baker Maryland 6.47
Lake City Army Ammunition Plant Missouri 6.30
North Hyde Park Training Site Vermont 5.96
Billings Montana 5.79
Camp Minden Louisiana 5.72
Lane County Armed Forces Reserve Center Oregon 5.65
Fort Leonard Wood Missouri 5.60
Westminster Training Site Vermont 5.55
West Camp Rapid South Dakota 5.53
Camp Ashland Nebraska 4.76
Stone’s Ranch Military Reservation Connecticut 4.56
Camp McCain Mississippi 4.22
Camp Fretterd Readiness Maryland 3.90
Camp Rilea Oregon 3.77
Biak Training Center Oregon 3.72
Camp Ravenna Ohio 3.71
Ontario Readiness Center Oregon 3.50
Queen Anne Readiness Center Maryland 3.15
Rehoboth Massachusetts 2.92
Camp Gruber Oklahoma 2.82
Camp Bowie Texas 2.66
Camp Davis North Dakota 2.61
Camp Roberts California 2.25
Camp Blanding Florida 2.14
SSG Isadore S. Jachman Reserve Center Maryland 2.10
McCrady Training Center South Carolina 2.02
Limestone Hills Training Montana 1.98
Redstone Arsenal Alabama 1.90
Lebanon Motor Pool Oregon 1.85
Camp Shelby Mississippi 1.73
Flemington New Jersey 1.67
Garrison North Dakota 1.67
Greenlief Training Nebraska 1.42
Alcantra Armory Complex Alaska 1.30
Gerry Reserve Center New York 1.10
Horseheads New York 1.00
Stewart Air National Guard New York 0.99
Montesano Armory Washington 0.80
Roseburg Armory Oregon 0.80
Salem Anderson Readiness Oregon 0.71
Bridgeton New Jersey 0.70
Jackson Readiness Center Michigan 0.69
SSG Frederick J. III Jr. New York 0.68
Buckeye Training Site Arizona 0.60
Picacho Aviation Training Site Arizona 0.56
Hayward Training Site Wisconsin 0.54
Camp Florence Arizona 0.52
Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hawaii 0.40
La Plata Readiness Center Maryland 0.40
Mead Training Site Nebraska 0.37
Grants Pass Armory Oregon 0.18
Long Beach Naval Shipyard California unknown
Patrick Air Force Florida NA
Iowa Air National Guard Iowa NA
Shepherd Field ANG West Virginia NA

Additional Bases:

Military Installation Name State Service Highest Contaminant Highest Detection (ppt)
Fort Novosel (formerly Fort Rucker) ALABAMA Army PFOS 93,000
Fort Greely ALASKA Army PFBS 76
Papago Military Reservation ARIZONA Army PFHxS 4,430
Pine Bluff Arsenal ARKANSAS Army PFOS 330
Fort Irwin CALIFORNIA Army PFOS 77
Military Ocean Terminal Concord CALIFORNIA Army PFOS 11,000
Windsor Locks AASF CONNECTICUT Army PFHxS 1,830
Duncan Armory AASF DELAWARE Army 6:2 FTS 1,100
Camp Frank D. Merrill GEORGIA Army PFOS 22,000
Fort Moore (formerly Fort Benning) GEORGIA Army PFOS 13,000
Fort Gordon – Gillem Annex GEORGIA Army PFOS 360
Fort Stewart GEORGIA Army PFOS 360,000
Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield GEORGIA Army PFOS 2,100,000
Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay GEORGIA Navy PFOS 41,600
Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Pacific Pearl Harbor HAWAII Navy PFOS 18,700
Navy Munitions Command, East Asia Division Unit Pearl Harbor HAWAII Navy PFOS 10,100
Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Pearl Harbor HAWAII Navy PFHxS 190,000
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility HAWAII Navy PFOS 726
Marine Corps Base Hawaii, formerly Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay HAWAII Navy PFOS 130,000
Kalaeloa Facility (Former Barbers Point-NAS) HAWAII Navy PFHxS 28.4
Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam HAWAII Navy PFOS 2,620,000
Camp Atterbury/Range 36 ATG INDIANA Army PFBS 2,160
Forbes Field KANSAS Air Force PFHxS 35,600
Topeka Forbes Field AASF #1 KANSAS Army PFOS 475
Blue Grass Army Depot KENTUCKY Army PFOS 2,600
Fort Campbell KENTUCKY Army PFOS 3,700
Fort Knox KENTUCKY Army PFOS 5,800
Fort Polk LOUISIANA Army PFOS 6,800
Fort Meade – Phoenix Military Reservation MARYLAND Army PFHxA 50
Detroit Arsenal MICHIGAN Army PFOS 6,400
Lansing Airport Hangar MICHIGAN Army PFHxS 288
MTC-H Camp Grayling-Cantonment MICHIGAN Army PFHxS 315
MTC-H Camp Grayling-MATES MICHIGAN Army PFOS 7,810
Fort William Henry Harrison /JFHQ MT MONTANA Army PFHxS 213
Helena Aviation Readiness Center – AASF MONTANA Army PFOS 814
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory NEW HAMPSHIRE Army PFHxA 23
AASF Main Hangar-cold storage NEW JERSEY Army 6:2 FTS 4,090
Fort Bragg – Camp Mackall NORTH CAROLINA Army PFBS 32
Salisbury AASF #2 NORTH CAROLINA Army PFOS 2,700
Fort Sill OKLAHOMA Army PFOA 200,000
McAlester Army Ammunition Plant OKLAHOMA Army PFOS 170,000
Naval Support Activity Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA Navy PFHxA 72,221
Scranton Army Ammunition Plant PENNSYLVANIA Army PFOS 16
Fort Buchanan PUERTO RICO Army PFOS 680
Fort Jackson SOUTH CAROLINA Army PFOS 6,700
Fort Hood TEXAS Army PFHxS 500
Red River Army Depot TEXAS Army PFOA 17
Dugway Proving Ground UTAH Army PFOS 6,100
Tooele Army Depot UTAH Army PFOA 180
Tooele Army Depot South (Deseret Chemical Depot) UTAH Army PFOA 31
Fort AP Hill VIRGINIA Army PFOA 430
Fort Belvoir VIRGINIA Army PFOA 52,000
Fort Lee VIRGINIA Army PFOS 10,000
JB Myer Henderson Hall VIRGINIA Army PFOS 530
Radford Army Ammunition Plant VIRGINIA Army PFOA 72
West Bend Armory WISCONSIN Army 6:2 FTS 871,000