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City of San Diego’s Scooter Vehicle Code & Statutes

San Diego permits residents to utilize electric scooters as a mode of intra-city transportation. Electric scooters pose several benefits not only to individual riders but to the cities that recognize their value as public transit. E-scooters are more environmentally sustainable than other forms of public transit, and although they won’t replace other
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Are Electric Scooters Legal on Sidewalks in San Diego

Electric scooters provide a mode of transportation that is both fun and cost-effective. E-scooters allow riders to traverse their city with ease while ultimately leaving less of an environmental impact than traditional passenger cars. With the growing popularity of these motor vehicles, riders must remain up-to-date on the new rules and regulations
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How Do I Get Max Settlement From Insurance After a Car Accident?

Obtaining a maximum settlement from an insurance company after a car accident in San Diego requires negotiating the system to one’s best interests. As a victim, this can be difficult, as insurance companies often try to take advantage of claimants. An insurance claims adjuster’s goal will be to convince a victim to
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What is a Hypoxic Brain Injury?

The two types of brain injuries are traumatic and acquired. A traumatic brain injury stems from outside sources, such as blunt force trauma to the head or brain. An acquired brain injury affects the brain through internal factors. A hypoxic brain injury is a type of acquired brain injury in which the
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What Percentage of Winnings Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get in CA?

Hiring an attorney to handle a personal injury claim in California can help victims make sure insurance companies and defendants do not take advantage of them. It can also improve the odds of obtaining maximum compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Many accident victims hesitate to
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What Are the Dangers of Falling Asleep at the Wheel?

Drowsy driving is a highly prevalent problem. Although researchers believe drowsy driving is under reported, statistics still show an average of over 72,000 car accidents involving tired drivers in the U.S. each year. As a driver in California, it is your duty not to drive if you feel too fatigued to safely
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What’s the Difference Between Uber Civil and Criminal Cases?

Uber has become extremely popular all over the country, providing countless app users with a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional taxis and public transportation. Despite overwhelming interest from the public and the ease of use of the platform, Uber has faced significant backlash due to the conduct of some of their
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San Diego County Car Accident Statistics

According to data from the California Highway Patrol, the top 3 cities in San Diego county for motor vehicle accidents are San Diego, Oceanside and Chula Vista. The city of San Diego has the largest population, so it’s no surprise that it leads the way for total crashes and injuries in the
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What are the Most Important Laws for Motorcyclists in San Diego?

Many Californians enjoy the state’s temperate climate and vast amount of roadway by riding motorcycles. While these vehicles can be fun, it’s important to recognize that they are inherently dangerous and there are specific laws in place for acceptable riding behaviors. Motorcyclists in California should know the state’s laws for proper biking
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