November 23, 2020

What Are Common Delayed Accident Injuries?

Car accidents are common on San Diego roads, and these crashes range in severity from minor rear-end collisions to fatal rollovers. While some injuries after a car accident appear right away, such as broken bones and burns, others do not appear until hours or even days later. Delayed accident injuries require the same level...
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January 28, 2019

How Do I Get Max Settlement From Insurance After a Car Accident?

Obtaining a maximum settlement from an insurance company after a car accident in San Diego requires negotiating the system to one’s best interests. As a victim, this can be difficult, as insurance companies often try to take advantage of claimants. An insurance claims adjuster’s goal will be to convince a victim to settle for...
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October 29, 2018

San Diego County Car Accident Statistics

According to data from the California Highway Patrol, the top 3 cities in San Diego county for motor vehicle accidents are San Diego, Oceanside and Chula Vista. The city of San Diego has the largest population, so it's no surprise that it leads the way for total crashes and injuries in the count with...
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July 6, 2018

What if You're Injured in a Car Accident When the Owner Isn't Driving?

Almost all drivers let their family members borrow their cars at some point. Whether a teen has just started driving or an owner regularly gives permission to a spouse, sibling, or other non-owner to take the car for a spin, accident victims need to know what might happen in a crash with a non-owner...
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July 5, 2018

What Are the Top 5 Safest Cars on the Market in 2018?

Most people are on the lookout for the safest vehicle on the road when shopping for a new car. With constantly changing safety standards, testing methods, and collision-preventing technologies, this task can be a difficult one. If you’re considering purchasing a new car in 2018 and want to prioritize the safety of your family,...
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June 26, 2018

Can You Request Cell Phone Records to Prove Fault in a Car Accident?

Distracted driving behaviors, including texting and talking on the phone, play a role in thousands of car accidents each year. A person who texts and drives will likely be at majority fault in a car accident. Since California has a sweeping ban against both cell phone use and texting, a driver who violates the...
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January 24, 2018

How Will Police Enforce High Driving with the Legalization of Marijuana?

January 1, 2018 marked the first day that recreational marijuana was legal in California. Legalization, however, is not synonymous with zero consequences for using the drug. There is a web of laws that state and federal authorities are working hard to enforce. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is cracking down on drugged driving -...
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motorcyclist Mike Wilson dies in crash with minivan in Pacific Beach

A motorcyclist, Mike Wilson, died in a crash when a minivan turned left in front of him into a parking lot. The motorcycle rider had been heading north on Ingraham Street near Moorland Drive in Pacific Beach; the minivan had been heading south. The motorcyclist collided with the side of the van. Though he...
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October 16, 2017

6 Human Factors that Cause the Most Car Collisions in CA

Some car accidents are outside of a driver’s control. You can’t stop a coyote from running out in front of your car or anticipate a major roadway hazard around a blind curve. There are however other accidents in California caused by human negligence that are entirely preventable. They happen because of unsafe driving behaviors....
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pedestrian fatally struck at Encinitas crosswalk collision

A 61-year-old pedestrian, Carmen Gonzalez, was fatally struck in an Encinitas crosswalk on Friday, September 15, 2017. A vehicle had stopped for the crossing pedestrian at Encinitas Boulevard and Balour Drive; a second driver drove around the stopped vehicle, striking and killing the pedestrian. The victim was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital where she...
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