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Car Accidents

How Dangerous Is Drowsy Driving?

We have all heard about the dangers of distracted and impaired driving. Drugs, alcohol, and cell phone use play a role in many serious and fatal crashes in our area. However, drowsy driving can prove to be dangerous, as well. Like drugs or alcohol, drowsiness decreases awareness, slows reaction time, impairs judgment,
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Most Common Types of Car Accidents in San Diego

Even the most common car accidents can be stressful. As one of the leading causes of injury in the United States, everyone will probably be involved in a car accident sometime in their lifetime. Thankfully, most car accidents only result in property damage and minor injury, though more serious accidents can and
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How to Drive in Bad Weather

The rest of the United States might consider San Diego drivers somewhat spoiled when it comes to the weather. San Diego has one of the most consistently pleasant climates in the country. Annual high temperatures typically hover around 70 degrees, and annual lows are usually around 57 degrees. On average, San Diego
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How Dangerous Is Road Rage?

Most people experience frustration on the roadway. This is a normal response to unpleasant road conditions, but it can also serve as a precursor to road rage. When drivers act on their frustration using aggressive gestures, language, and driving practices, they have road rage. If you or someone you love is ever
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FedEx Truck Kills Pickup Driver in Northern California

A 45-year-old Elk Grove man tragically died Thursday morning in a collision on Interstate 5 involving a big rig, the Sacramento Bee reported.  The accident occurred in heavy rainfall around 6 a.m. on Interstate 5 near Seamas Avenue. A CHP officer told the Bee that the reason for the crash was still
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