Clairemont Pedestrian Mary Francel Killed by Fed Ex Delivery Truck

86-year-old pedestrian Mary Francel of San Diego was killed Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 10:10 am, by a Fed Ex delivery truck driver. Francel had been using a walker, walking westbound on the south sidewalk on Balboa Avenue near Mount Abernathy Avenue, in front of a strip mall. According to San Diego police officer Tony Martinez, the driver said he had not seen the pedestrian.
The Fed Ex driver had just dropped off a package at an address on Balboa Avenue, and had been pulling out of the driveway when he hit Francel on the sidewalk. The driver stopped in a nearby parking lot after the collision — he has not been arrested. Though emergency responders arrived, Francel died at the scene before she was able to be transported to the hospital. A stretch of Balboa Avenue was shut down during the investigation.
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Additional Details of the Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Security guard Steven Ruzbarsay, working nearby, said he saw only the aftermath of the fatal collision. “I looked down the street and there she was. She was just laying in the middle of the road. That’s pretty much all I saw. I didn’t see who hit her though,” said Ruzbarsay.