Bard PowerPort Catheter Fracture and Migration

The Bard PowerPort was designed to improve the lives of patients who receive frequent intravenous treatments. This device facilitates access to a patient’s bloodstream so that healthcare providers can easily administer medicines and collect blood samples. However, reports of failures have surfaced among Bard PowerPort patients, with some people experiencing serious complications due to...
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Deep Vein Thrombosis Caused by Bard PowerPort

Medical devices are intended to improve health and extend lives. However, not all medical devices function as expected, and some, like the Bard PowerPort, have been reported to cause serious health complications, including deep vein thrombosis. This medical condition may not show symptoms initially, but it can lead to potentially life-threatening complications. What Is...
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How to File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Talcum powder has been a household staple for decades. Marketed for its ability to absorb moisture and reduce friction, talcum powder can be found in everything from baby powders to adult cosmetics. However, the safety of this common product has come under scrutiny due to alarming research linking it to serious health concerns. Researchers...
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March 22, 2021

How Is Liability for an Accident Determined?

In California, you have the right to collect compensation if you suffer injuries in an accident that someone else caused. However, you will need to prove that he or she was liable for the accident. Liability is one of the most important questions in a personal injury case, because the at-fault party must pay...
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March 15, 2021

How to Preserve Evidence for a Personal Injury Claim

For a personal injury case to be successful, you will need to have strong evidence to corroborate your story. Evidence is critical to establish fault, prove the extent of your injuries, and estimate how much compensation you will need. Without enough evidence, the court or insurance company will likely dismiss your claim. However, you...
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What Are the Different Ways to Collect on a Personal Injury Judgment?

After you win a personal injury lawsuit, you will still need to find a way to collect the compensation you earned. Although the courts do not handle this process, many financially stable defendants are able to pay the judgment without any issues. However, not everyone will be able or willing to pay your settlement...
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February 5, 2021

What Is a Summary Judgment?

A legal motion is a written request that asks the court to make a decision about a case. During a personal injury lawsuit, both the injured plaintiff and the at-fault defendant have the right to file motions concerning their case, such as a motion to move the trial to another date or to dismiss...
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December 23, 2020

What Is Lawsuit Lending?

After suffering a personal injury, it’s common to be short on cash. From medical bills your insurance does not cover to lost wages during your recovery and treatment, cash flow problems can impede your ability to recover. Many injured plaintiffs turn to lawsuit lending while waiting for their claims to reach a settlement. However,...
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June 27, 2019

San Diego Surgeon Points to Recent Scooter Deaths as Public Health Threat

Electric scooters have become an increasingly popular fad among residents in many different states. Electric scooters are advantageous in their ability to quickly transport users to different destinations without waiting for public transport or having to ride share. They also emit less pollution than cars, making them a green option for those trying to...
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June 26, 2018

Are Electric Scooters Allowed on the Roads in San Diego?

If you’ve spent any time commuting or visiting San Diego, you’ve likely noticed the Bird scooters zipping through town. Just visit virtually any street corner and you can unlock one and take them for a ride yourself. One of the newest trends in ridesharing, you can rent a scooter (and enjoy the ride that...
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