How Safe Are Uber Rides?

August 14, 2017

Since its debut in 2009, the rideshare app Uber has exploded in popularity. Uber and competitors like Lyft have been so successful that they’ve made a significant impact on the taxicab industry. With low prices, superb convenience, and high-quality transportation services, Uber is an excellent option for thousands of users. Yet what many people don’t know is that Uber doesn’t guarantee passenger safety. Data shows at least 282 alleged ridesharing sexual assaults and harassments, hundreds of car accidents, and 28 deaths involving Uber drivers. Get the facts on Uber’s safety before calling your next ride.

Uber’s Safety Tips

As news broke of more and more incidents involving Uber drivers and passengers, the company worked with law enforcement to develop a list to improve safety while using the Uber app for rideshare. The company urges users to stay safe by abiding by its checklist. Uber’s safety tips address vehicle accidents as well as assaults by drivers. The fact that Uber had to publish such a list is proof the company has had its fair share of legal problems over the years and is now trying to increase user safety. The safety tips list is as follows:
1. Plan your ride ahead of time.
2. Request an Uber from indoors.
3. Check the license plate and driver of the Uber before getting inside.
4. Sit in the backseat to increase safety.
5. Wear a seatbelt at all times.
6. Share trip information with a friend.
7. Don’t share your phone number or other information with a driver.
8. Trust your gut when riding with Uber.
9. Be kind and courteous to the driver and his/her car.
10. Give feedback and report any driver misconduct.
Unfortunately, Uber riders may still become victims of car accidents or violent crimes no matter what steps they take to improve safety. From false drivers to catastrophic crashes, passengers face potential risks when they climb into an Uber vehicle. The company carries a $1 million insurance policy to help cover passenger injuries in the event of collisions with on-duty drivers. Going up against this major insurer could require an attorney, as Uber has been known to deny claims to avoid liability.

Incidents Involving California Uber Drivers

The website,, has compiled a list of all alleged incidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers in the last few years. The goal of the Who’s Driving You is to spread awareness about the dangers of using rideshare and the negligent onboarding practices these companies use to hire drivers. Uber only looks at potential drivers’ previous seven years of criminal history. It does not fingerprint its drivers or meet with them in person before allowing them to pick up passengers. Many believe Uber’s lax hiring practice have contributed to the incidents in California.
Since its debut, Uber has come under fire for several serious driver-related incidents in California. There have been stories of Uber drivers dragging passengers out of vehicles, physically assaulting passengers, kidnapping them, sexually abusing them, and driving while intoxicated. Always follow Uber’s safety rules if you plan on using this app for your next ride. Your precautions could prevent you from becoming just another statistic.