Ex-Uber Driver Arrested for Rape in San Diego, Trial Begins

August 16, 2017

Former Uber driver John David Sanchez, 53, of San Diego, is accused of serial rape; the youngest alleged victim is 13 years old. In addition to being a former driver for Uber, he also worked as a DJ and ran a video production/distribution company.
There are a total of seven victims in this case. Sexual abuse is learned behavior, in addition to the seven known victims, it’s not unlikely that there are more victims over the course of Sanchez’ ‘career’ of molestation.
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Additional Details on Sanchez’ Case

The original arrest was March 29, 2017, immediately after which he was terminated from Uber. Sanchez pled not guilty and posted bail. His attorney, Peter Blair, confirms that Sanchez denies the charges.
There are now new charges, to which he has also pleaded not guilty. The new charges include performing lewd acts on a child, attempting to prevent a witness from reporting a crime, employing a minor to perform prohibited acts, and production of pornography. He faces up to more than 37 years in prison if he is convicted on all charges.