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San Diego Burn Injury Attorneys

One of the most painful injuries for a person to deal with is a burn. If someone else was responsible for a burn injury you or a loved one has suffered, you may need help from an experienced San Diego burn injury attorney. At Estey & Bomberger, LLP in San Diego we have successfully represented many people who have been victims of these types of painful injuries and we believe we can help you. We handle all burn injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we win your case so don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation.

Burn Injury Information

In 2013, 450,000 individuals were treated for burns. While the survival rate of those admitted to burn centers is somewhere around 96.6%, 3,400 victims died as a result of burns in 2013.

Preventing burn injuries in your home and work atmosphere requires careful planning, prevention, promotion of safer fuels and heat sources, controlled cooking, enforcement and implementation of safety regulations and plans in commercial buildings and at home, capped tap water temperature, fire education, and more. The best place to start is developing an understanding of the primary causes.

What are the Top Causes of Burns?

  • Fire or Flame 43% of all burns are caused by direct contact with open flame. This includes bonfires and fireplace fires, matches, lighters, and candles.
  • Scalding Liquids 34% of burn injuries stem from scalding liquids. Of all burns sustained by children under 4, 65% are from scalding liquid. Surprisingly, overly hot tap water accounts for more scalding burn injuries than any other liquid.
  • Contact Contact with hot objects accounts for 9% of all burn related injuries. However, the incident rate is much higher for those under 4, as 20% of burn injuries in this category result from contact with hot objects, including curling irons, regular irons, cooking equipment, heaters, and more.
  • Other 7% of all burns are from miscellaneous or undetected sources. This can include salt burns, sun burns, ice burns, and more.
  • Electric Electric burns account for 4% of all burn injuries treated each year. These are more often sustained in occupations by individuals who work closely with hazardous electric panels and wires. Some electric burns are the result of dangerous behavior with electricity or from lightning strikes.
  • Chemical As the least common cause of burns, chemical burns represent only 3% of all burn injuries. Individuals hospitalized from chemical burns are often poisoned.

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Burns are Most Likely to Occur at Home

72% of burns occur in the home, while only 9% occur at work or in other, unspecified locations. Another 5% happen on the road, as a result of car fires or down power lines, while 5% occur through sports and recreation.

Burns are often preventable through safety measures, preparedness, and careful behaviors. Some burns are the result of a seemingly unavoidable accident, while others are the result of product negligence, personal negligence and abuse toward children, abuse or arson toward an adult or home, automobile accidents, or unmanaged, hazardous conditions. In the event of violence or negligence, a burn victim may be eligible to receive reparation with the help of our skilled burn injury lawyers.

Classifications of Burns

The three main classifications of burns are: First-degree, Second-degree, and Third-degree burns.

  • First-degree burns are the least serious. They usually only damage the first layer of skin and heal within a week. Redness, swelling, and pain often accompany first-degree burns.
  • Second-degree burns affect both the first and second layer of skin. They will leave your skin red, white, or splotchy, and the wound will look wet or moist. The pain can be severe, and the wound can sometimes leave a scar.
  • Third-degree burns are the most serious. They damage both layers of skin, the fat layer beneath the skin, and nerves. The damaged nerves often cause numbness in the area of the wound. The burn will appear black or white. People who have suffered third-degree burns sometimes have difficulty breathing.

Implications of Burn Injuries

Burns are painful to endure and treat. They often leave patients disfigured or otherwise lead to a wrongful death. The stigma that burn patients suffer, such as constantly being stared at and feeling less attractive or welcome in society, can be emotionally debilitating. Burns to the face can affect sensory input, and bodily burns can limit mobility or cause nerve damage which leads to chronic pain.

Burns can also be costly if they result in hospitalization, skin graft, or treatment of disfigurement. For burn victims who were under age 18 at the time of the accident, costs exceeded $211 million last year. That figure doubles for adult patients. Because burns are so severe, 30,000 of the 40,000 patients who are hospitalized at any time are sent to special burn units or particular hospitals dedicated to the treatment of burns.

Our San Diego Burn Injury Lawyers are on the Case!

At Estey & Bomberger, we represent injury claims of all kinds. If your burn injuries were sustained as a result of product negligence, faulty equipment, sustained on the job, in an automobile accident, or as a result of malice, you may have cause for representation. Contact the law office of Estey & Bomberger today to discuss the nature of your case and determine the best course of action.