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Walmart Injury Attorney San Diego

Walmart is one of the largest stores in the country, both in geographical saturation and literal store size. Endless customers file in and out of each store all day long. It is not difficult that with so many people a certain percentage will suffer injuries at some time in a Walmart store.

The law firm of Estey & Bomberger can represent you aggressively you if you have been injured in an accident in a Walmart. We have extensive experience with premises liability and personal injury cases and only accept a limited number of cases at a time so that we can devote the needed attention and energy to each case. We have a 99% success rate because we fight hard for our clients and will not stop until we get the best award that is possible for them. We understand that personal injuries can change your life and are willing to go up against big corporations like Walmart to represent you and your right to recover.

How to Recognize Negligence

For you to win your case, you will need to prove that Walmart was acting negligently in some way. If the injury you suffered was your fault or if it was an unavoidable accident, the store is not liable. The store is required to keep the property in a safe condition and be doing frequent inspections, like ensuring that shelf products are secure from falling on customers, and make sure it stays that way. If there is something unsafe, they have to put a clear warning out for customers until the problem is fixed. This includes another customer spilling something or dropping it. The store is required to clean up any spills in a reasonable amount of time.

Some of the examples of Walmart injuries that the store would be liable for are tripping over something left in the aisle, slipping on a spill, cutting yourself on a product display, or a number of other incidents. Walmart is also responsible for their property outside the store, so slips and falls in the parking lot due to inadequate clearing of snow and ice may also be the store’s fault.

A key factor of many of these is the amount of time that the condition has existed without the store taking measures to correct it. There is no official time period to decide this. According to California law, the company must fix any dangerous issue in a reasonable amount of time. If a customer spilled something and it has been there for a few hours, an accident because of the spill would likely be the store’s fault. If it is unclear how long a spill has been there, Walmart has cameras in the store that can show how long it was there before someone slipped on it.

After the Incident

If you suffered an injury in a Walmart and you believe it to be the store’s fault, report the incident to store officials and see a doctor as soon as possible. You will need medical evidence if you plan to file a lawsuit against the store. It is smart to establish exactly what injuries you suffered in the accident and to have a medical report to substantiate your claim.

Walmart Accident Law Firm

If you or a loved one incurred an injury in a Walmart and believe it is due to the store’s negligence, contact a team with experience in personal injury cases. Call us at Estey & Bomberger, LLP in San Diego for a free consultation about your case today! (619) 295-0035