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Sam’s Club Injury Attorney San Diego

Sam’s Club, like Costco, is a large store that resembles a warehouse. It is completely full of large products sold in bulk and stacked high. It also always has large numbers of people shopping at any time. These factors can create an environment where it becomes possible for people to be injured. These kinds of personal injuries are one of the specialties of Estey & Bomberger.

At Estey & Bomberger, we work tirelessly on personal injury cases to help people get the help that they deserve. Our passionate premises liability attorneys have established a 99% success rate in all of our cases. We only take on a limited number of cases so that we can give each client the focus and attention that they deserve for a successful outcome. We have experience going up against all kinds of defendants, including large corporations like Sam’s Club.

Proving Liability with a Sam’s Club Case

It can be difficult to prove liability in a case. If you want to prove liability, you have to show that Sam’s Club was negligent. There are four parts to this: duty, breach of duty, injury, and causation. The plaintiff has to show the store had a duty to provide safe premises and that they breached that duty. You must show the breach of duty was the direct cause of an injury you sustained.

The law requires every store, including Sam’s Club, to keep their store safe for customers. This includes fixing any unstable or dangerous structures, frequently patrolling the store be sure there are no dangerous conditions. If someone discovers a problem, such as a spill or poorly-arranged or falling merchandise, the store must correct it as quickly as possible, in addition to posting a clear warning until they can resolve the problem. If the store management neglects any of these steps, the company may be negligent and liable for injuries.

If you suffer an injury in a store, you should report it to the store manager immediately. Explain exactly what happened and the extent of your injuries, and then visit a doctor as soon as possible to confirm the extent of your injuries and to establish the injuries occurred at the store, not from some prior condition.

Finally, you need to prove that Sam’s Club’s negligence caused your injury. A vital part of proving Sam’s Club was negligent is often timing. You may need to show that whatever injured you had been there for a long period of time without the store taking care of the dangerous condition. The law requires that they fix any dangers in a reasonable amount of time. If the issue had been there for a significant amount of time, the store was being negligent.

What if I Fell Outside the Store?

Even if you did not injure yourself inside the store, Sam’s Club is still liable as long as it is on their property. This means that injuries due to potholes in the parking lot or uneven sidewalks also could count as Sam’s Club being negligent. The must repair potholes and slippery sidewalks in a timely manner or the store will be responsible for any injuries a customer or visitor sustains.

Sam’s Club Accident Law Firm

Arguing a personal injury case against big corporations like Sam’s Club can be complicated. If you believe you have a case, discuss it with an attorney. Contact the team at Estey & Bomberger, LLP today in San Diego about your case! (619) 295-0035