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Esurance Accident Claim and Settlement Attorney

After an auto accident where the at-fault driver is insured by Esurance, you may be wondering how to get the maximum compensation for your claim. If your injuries are serious, you should absolutely speak with a lawyer before you give the insurance company a recorded statement or accept any settlement offer. The California auto accident attorneys at Estey Bomberger have handled numerous auto accident claims against Esurance. Regardless of whether you are insured by Esurance or the at-fault driver is insured by Esurance, if you are looking to obtain a full and fair settlement for your injuries, contact Estey Bomberger today for a free consultation and complimentary review of your claim.

About Esurance Insurance

Esurance is a direct market auto insurance provider offering auto insurance in 30 states, including California. The company was launched in 1999 and sells insurance online through its website, It is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with its 24-hour customer service center located in South Dakota. Regional claims offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia, Brooklyn, New York, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Denver, Colorado, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Madison, Wisconsin, Dallas, Texas, Melville, New York, Sacramento, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Tampa, Florida. Esurance is one of the fastest-growing insurance providers in the country.

Getting Maximum Compensation For Your Esurance Claim

When you buy auto insurance, you hope you’ll never need to make a claim. But when you do need to make a claim, you need your insurance company to be fair. If you are dealing with another party’s insurer, the claims process can be even more complicated. Insurance companies are famous for denying and delaying claims, and “lowballing” settlement offers to policyholders to give them as little as possible for their injuries. Esurance, like so many other companies, has its fair share of complaints about bad claims handling experiences on consumer websites such as Before you accept a settlement you know you won’t be happy with, you should ask a lawyer what your case is realistically worth. Understanding your legal rights and what steps you should take to protect your rights is essential to getting the highest possible compensation for your claim.

Giving a Recorded Statement to Esurance

One way you can protect your legal rights is by not giving a recorded statement without thorough consideration. Many policyholders believe that giving a recorded statement to the insurance claims adjuster is a requirement, but it is entirely voluntary. Although the insurance claims representative may tell you they only need to collect a few details, the insurance company will ask you numerous detailed questions and then dissect your recorded statement and use it to pay you as little as possible for your claim. The only benefit to giving a recorded statement is that it will document the events and your claim. However, there are many cons associated with giving a recorded statement, which probably outweighs the benefits. First, you may not be prepared for the onslaught of questions, some of which are entirely irrelevant and speculative. Secondly, the insurance company may decide that you are partially or wholly at fault for the accident and delay or deny coverage. In almost all situations, it is not in your best interests to give a recorded statement.

About Estey Bomberger Personal Injury Lawyers

Estey Bomberger is an AV-rated, award-winning personal injury and wrongful death law firm that handles cases throughout California. We have recovered millions of dollars in Esurance claim settlements, and we are here to help you obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve. If you have been hurt in an accident and would like to speak with a lawyer about how to best handle a car accident or underinsured/uninsured motorist (UM/UIM) claim with Esurance, contact us anytime by calling (800) 925-0723, or request a consultation online. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions about your potential case, so feel free to contact us anytime to see how we can help you. If we handle your claim, you will owe no fees unless we recover money for you.