San Diego Child Sex Abuse Lawyer

June 18, 2017

Attorneys standing up for child victims in San Diego County

If you are looking for a child sex abuse victim lawyer in San Diego, Estey & Bomberger is here to help. We have more than 20 years of experience and an incredible track record of results, including record setting verdicts for child sexual abuse victims and their families. If your child was molested or abused as the result of an institution failing to protect your son or daughter, we want to help. There is no fee if you would like to get information or to get a consultation. We offer this for free so please call and let us know how we can help. If you decide to hire us, we don’t charge you anything unless we are able to recover financial compensation for you.
We offer our legal services to sexual abuse victims across the nation too. For more information, visit our page about our San Diego Sexual Assault Cases or site dedicated to Child Molestation Victims.

How to choose the best San Diego Child Sexual Abuse Attorney

When it comes to child sex abuse lawsuits, the attorney you choose does matter. Just because a law firm says they handle sexual abuse cases, that doesn’t mean they have experience taking a case to trial and winning. Even if they have handled child sexual assault cases in the past, that doesn’t mean they handled it the right way. Many attorneys out there fail to put you, the client, first. This is wrong. You and your families best interest is what is most important in matters like these. So how do you go about choosing the best child sexual assault lawyer?

  • Look at past case results: Nothing is more telling about the quality of a firm then their previous history of case results. While it cannot guarantee what they can do for you since every case is different, it can give you some insight on how they have performed in the past. Over firm has record setting verdicts in California, including a $30 million dollar verdict and a $23 million verdict.
  • Look at the “per person” verdicts and settlements: Some law firms tout large case results but sometimes those results are for a group of victims. The average payout per person can sometimes be much smaller so always find out what the per person amounts are. No law firm has a higher per person payout in the country then Estey & Bomberger.
  • Ask if they handled the case or if another attorney was the lead: Law firms will sometimes post case results on their site when actually a different firm handled the case and was really the law firm responsible for getting the large result.
  • Ask how much trial experience the firm has handling sexual abuse cases: One of the most important things to look at when finding a child sex abuse lawyer is past trial experience. While most cases settle out of court, sometimes cases need to go to trial if the insurance company is failing to offer a fair and just settlement. Law firms like ours that have a track record of taking cases to trial and winning will get larger settlement offers then law firms who rarely go to trial. If the insurance company knows a law firm has a reputation for settling all their cases, they have no fear of going to trial so settlement offers are much smaller than they should be. Insurance companies fear facing Estey & Bomberger in trial because of our record setting verdicts.

Whether it’s a teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student, a pastor molesting a child or a coach sexually abusing an athlete, we want to do everything in our power to get justice for you and to prevent this from happening to other children. As parents ourselves, we know that there are few things worse that can happen to a child. Let us stand up for you.
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