Autobuses Coordinados USA Accident

August 3, 2016

Help is Available for Families with Loved Ones Aboard Autobuses Coordinados USA’s Fatal Crash in Merced County
Since its 1998 founding, Estey & Bomberger’s personal injury attorneys have specialized in helping victims and survivors of catastrophic accidents and injuries.  Our aggressive and persistent attorneys are already preparing to help several survivors and their families.  As the details of the crash further-unfold, we have made additional bandwidth available, to be able to give attention to more survivors and loved ones.  Our lawyers are relentless in obtaining the highest and best result for you.
Many clients have said that our guidance through the process was so important, that it helped them heal during a very difficult time.  Help, in a legal sense, is important for two reasons.  One, family and friends are ideal, and necessary, as emotional support, but they are not likely well-equipped to be legal support as well.  Two, large organizations and their insurance companies typically have large financial resources as well as large bureaucracies – they are not usually interested in admitting any fault, much less paying victims fairly for it. 
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The legal team at Estey & Bomberger is always on the side of you, the client.  By accepting just a handful of cases each year, we can dedicate ourselves 100% to results on your behalf.  Our law firm fronts the money out of our own pocket, to hire the very best, most effective investigators, professionals and other experts.  This team works to prepare and compile the most aggressive case possible, and no expense is spared.  In the American court system, justice is measured in dollars, so our strong case translates directly into a strong result for your benefit.  We bring our assets, research and know-how to the table, with the goal at the end the process being a record-setting settlement or verdict for you.
Autobuses Coordinados USA and Bus Driver Mario David Vasquez
This charter tour bus is registered to Autobuses Coordinados USA, which has an office on Olympic Boulevard in East Los Angeles.  The bus originated in Mexico with its ultimate destination Washington State.  About 50 people were on board, according to California Highway Patrol spokesperson Officer Moises Onsurez. The bus had made several stops including in Los Angeles, and was headed north on Highway 99.  It crashed when it swerved and hit a support pole for a highway sign at 3:35 am Tuesday morning August 2, 2016.  At the time of this writing, at least five people were fatally injured, along with at least two dozen others injured – about half quite critically injured including many with severed limbs.  Only four passengers escaped with no injuries at all.  The pole essentially pierced the bus, and sheared through the bus before stopping with great impact at its first axle.  The driver, 57-year-old Mario David Vasquez, is from the Los Angeles area, and was one of those severely injured.
While the National Transportation Safety Board is starting to investigate, officials did note the lack of brake marks on the road at the scene, seeming to indicate that Vasquez crashed the bus into the support pole at full speed.  The pole struck was holding up a sign for the Hammatt Avenue exit near Livingston, CA, in Merced County.  Highway 99 northbound was closed in the area throughout the day.
The vehicle did have valid registration, but has been the source for at least seven citations against Autobuses Coordinados USA over the past two years, says the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, including an employee driving with a suspended commercial driver’s license, an inoperable required lamp , a damaged/discolored windshield, a defective brake-warning device and other maintenance problems.
What are Next Steps if you or your Family Member was Injured in the Merced County Bus Crash
When we or our family members board a bus, we have an unwritten expectation that we leave and arrive safely, whether we’re going to the airport, or taking a longer trip two hours or twenty hours away.
If you or your loved one was injured, or was killed, in the Merced County bus crash, you should take advantage of a no-charge meeting with lawyers at Estey & Bomberger.  These compassionate, and highly skilled, personal injury attorneys can help you open the discussion about whether to file a lawsuit against Mario David Vasquez or Autobuses Coordinados USA. We have secured some of the highest individual results (both settlements and verdicts) for victims of catastrophic accidents and injuries, over $119 million total in just the last five years.
To be successful in a lawsuit involving a large-scale bus accident, like the one in Merced County, requires specialization and experience.  Though many attorneys in the field are wise and capable, it’s unlikely that they also have so many decades of experience in catastrophic accidents.  The process of litigating can be overwhelming; many clients find security and sanity in working with lawyers who have gone through the process so many times in the past.
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