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Diastatic Skull Fracture

A diastatic skull fracture is a skull fracture that occurs along the suture lines of the skull. This type of skull fracture almost always occurs in infants and young children. Diastatic skull fractures are sometimes called “growing fractures.” They are usually the result of the head coming into contact with a wide area, such as the side of a vehicle or a wall.

Causes of Diastatic Skull Fractures

More than 100,000 children are hospitalized every year with head injuries. Diastatic skull fractures, a common head injury in young children, may be caused by any accident that causes trauma to the head of an infant or young child. Examples of accidents that may result in diastatic fracture are auto accidents, pedestrian accidents,bicycle accidents, and off-road vehicle rollover accidents. Young children may also suffer a diastatic skull fracture due to negligent supervision or even child abuse.

Symptoms of Diastatic Skull Fractures

Because victims of diastatic skull fractures are often very young, the victim may not be able to communicate accurately what they are experiencing. Similarly, it may not be possible for doctors to accurately assess how a skull fracture has or has not caused a loss of brain function. If your child has a bump on the head, is crying or bleeding through the nose, ears or eyes, or is vomiting, seek medical treatment immediately. A doctor may use a commuted tomography (CT) scan to diagnose a diastatic skull fracture.

Treatment of Diastatic Skull Fractures

Children who suffer a diastatic skull fracture are usually admitted to the hospital for observation and monitoring. Surgery may or not be necessary, depending on the injury location and severity. With any skull fracture and traumatic brain injury, there is a risk of infection and other complications, including seizures, dementia, paralysis, coma, and death.

Compensation For Victims of Diastatic Skull Fractures

Children who survive a traumatic brain injury may have lifelong physical, cognitive and behavioral challenges as a result of their injuries. Additionally, children who suffer a brain injury at a young age have an increased risk of epileptic seizures for up to ten years after the injury. A diastatic skull fracture injury lawyer can help your child obtain compensation from the party responsible for their injury. Compensation from a settlement or verdict can include money for lifelong medical care, rehabilitation, lost earnings and loss of future earning capacity, and emotional pain and suffering. If your child suffered a diastatic skull fracture and/or traumatic brain injury, contact an attorney at Estey & Bomberger for a free consultation.

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