What Personal Injury Law Is and What It Isn’t

January 1, 2015

Often a personal injury suit is a real life performance of the David and Goliath story. On one side is a massive corporation, or an insurance company, or a reticent defendant digging in their heels – and they don’t want to pay for the cost of their mistakes. It costs more money to do the right thing, and cutting corners rather than doing the right thing is probably why the damage happened in the first place.
On the other side is a single person, who may be hospitalized, but who is likely hurt and with their entire life turned upside down. There has to be an equalizer, otherwise the injured, the people who have had something taken from them because of the irresponsibility of others, would never receive justice for their pain and suffering.
That is why the civil justice system exists. It is a framework built to attempt to put right what has gone wrong, and to attempt to put someone back on their feet when they have been knocked down by no fault of their own. That is the purpose of a personal injury attorney: to vindicate the rights of the injured.

What Personal Injury Law Isn’t

A civil lawsuit brought by an injured plaintiff isn’t a money grab. The adversarial system wouldn’t allow it, and claims without merit are dismissed quickly. Corporations and insurance companies have in-house counsel or attorneys on retainer, ready and waiting for lawsuits, be they credible or not.
A defendant’s attorney is going to do everything they can to keep their client from being held responsible for their negligence. That is why they are there: because it’s cheaper for a corporation or an insurance company to pay lawyers to keep the injured from getting what they deserve, rather than simply doing the right thing in the first place.
Further, personal injury law isn’t meant to help an injured individual seek vengeance on the liable party in the form of jail or prison time A personal injury lawyer cannot fight for incarceration for the defendant, but instead may only help an injured person secure financial damages for their pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Law Is a Cornerstone of Civil Society

Finally, it must be noted, that the voice of an injured person doesn’t speak only for them. It speaks for every person that could have the misfortune to follow them. A civil suit not only attempts to make the injured person whole again, but a civil suit also serves as a deterrent against future negligent behavior. It is a mechanism that encourages big businesses and insurance companies to think twice before they allow carelessness to hurt others.

Contact Legal Help for Your Personal Injury Case

Of course, if you have suffered an injury at the hands of others, then you know too well the physical, emotional, and financial pains associated with this. That is why you should contact the adept personal injury attorneys at Estey & Bomberger today. We can give you a consultation and help you begin filing a claim.