Delivery Truck Accidents: Understanding the Rush and the Risk

June 8, 2015

Accidents involving delivery trucks – including United Parcel Service (UPS) trucks, FedEx trucks and other delivery service vehicles – frequently result in catastrophic injury or death to innocent motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. These accidents may be caused by driver negligence, lack of training, negligent maintenance of a truck, and a number of other causes. Our attorneys have represented people throughout California who have needlessly suffered serious personal injury in delivery truck accidents. Our experienced attorneys are familiar with the complex liability issues of truck accidents involving large commercial trucks, service trucks, freight shipping trucks and delivery vehicles, including UPS and FedEx trucks.
UPS Delivery Service
United Parcel Service (UPS) is the largest package delivery company in the world. In the United States, UPS is easily recognized for its signature brown delivery trucks and gold shield logo. UPS has had its headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia, since 1991. The classic brown UPS delivery trucks, also called package cars, are also an easily recognized symbol of the company. Unfortunately, these delivery trucks, along with UPS tractor-trailer trucks and other UPS vehicles, cause a number of deadly accidents every year in the United States.
FedEx Delivery Service
FedEx is an express shipping and logistics services company founded in 1998, with headquarters in Memphis, TN. FedEx has multiple operating units, including FedEx Express (the original overnight shipping service), FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Custom Critical, and other operating divisions. Just like UPS, FedEx is routinely involved in deadly accidents with its trucks, many of which are owned and operated by independent contractors.
UPS and FedEx Truck Accidents
Delivery truck accidents are common in part because FedEx and UPS employees are under extreme pressure to deliver packages as quickly as possible. Efforts to get the job done quickly can lead to negligent and careless actions, and cause serious accidents. FedEx truck crashes and UPS truck accidents may be caused by:

  • Failure of a driver to engage the truck’s parking brake while delivering a package to a building, causing a truck to roll into traffic or pedestrians.
  • A driver backing up after passing an address, instead of circling the block, causing a crash with a pedestrian, bicyclist or automobile.
  • A driver attempting a sudden left turn in an attempt to save time (UPS uses a software program to eliminate left-hand turns in delivery routes).
  • A driver failing to yield while merging onto a highway.

FMCSA Regulations
Both UPS and FedEx are subject to the federal regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These federal laws establish mandatory requirements for safe operation of commercial trucks, including:

  • Mandatory driver recording for hours-of-service
  • Maintenance and repair requirements for trucks
  • Drug and alcohol prevention programs for drivers
  • Driver training requirements

At Estey & Bomberger, all large truck accident cases begin with an exhaustive investigation. Our attorneys consult with experts on all aspects of a truck crash, including driver abilities and skills, record log books, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, maintenance requirements and proper loading and unloading practices. If you have been injured in a delivery truck accident, you may have claims for compensation against numerous parties and their insurers.
UPS & FedEx Accidents
If you or a member of your family have been injured or needlessly died in a commercial vehicle crash or UPS delivery truck accident, we are here to help. We understand the complex nature of these types of personal injury and wrongful death cases from more than 70 years of combined experience representing victims injured in these type of accidents. We can help you obtain justice in the form of full and fair compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, time away from work, and all other accident related expenses.
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