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Suing for Damages vs. Settling With Insurance After a Car Accident – Which is Best?

Posted on October 10th, 2016

After a car accident, you may not know the legal processes available to you. If it’s your first car accident, you probably aren’t savvy to San Diego’s rules for filing a claim. Hiring a car accident attorney is the best way to explore your unique options, but having some knowledge about each possibility on your own will help you make an educated decision. Here’s what you need to know about suing a defendant for damages vs. settling your accident with insurance. When to Settle With Insurance Neither suing for damages nor settling with insurance is consistently the “best” option. Car accident cases are complex and deserve careful consideration of the facts. Your best option after one car accident may not be the right choice after another accident. Understanding which is right for your specific case requires knowing when each action is appropriate. A large number of car accident claims settle without involving the courts and using only the insurance company. Settling with insurance and avoiding the time and cost of a lawsuit is your best option when you have a simple car accident case with no personal injuries and minor property damage. In a simple case, your insurance company or…

Food Poisoning vs. Stomach Flu – How to Spot the Difference

Posted on October 3rd, 2016

That telltale rumble in your stomach, those waves of nausea – both signal a miserable 24 hours ahead. But how do you know your symptoms are due to food poisoning or simply a bout of the stomach flu? The two conditions carry many of the same symptoms, but food poisoning is often the result of someone else’s negligence (in either stocking or handling your food). Know how to tell the difference – and when you can file a personal injury claim. The Stomach Bug Stomach bugs are also referred to as viral gastroenteritis, which is a simple way of saying your stomach or intestines get irritated from a viral cause. Norovirus, which runs rampant on cruise ships and in daycare centers, is a common example. When you have the stomach flu, you may experience: Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea Fever Weight loss Muscle and joint aches Stomach cramps Headache Symptoms from the stomach flu typically manifest 24-48 hours after exposure to the virus. Bouts of the stomach flu, though miserable, last only a couple of days, but it’s common for victims to feel out of sorts for up to 10 days. The stomach flu is not usually dangerous, but you should be…

What to Do in a Hit and Run

Posted on September 13th, 2016

Being involved in a car accident is bad enough, but what if you have a runner? You’re probably wondering how to report the accident, how to handle your insurance claim, and who will provide compensation for medical bills. Hit-and-run accidents are an annoyance, but less stressful if you know how to handle them. What’s a Hit-and-Run? We define a hit-and-run as any accident in which another driver leaves the scene intentionally, without providing any contact or insurance information. A hit-and-run accident is one where you are hit by someone who drives away, or a vehicle strikes your parked vehicle and the driver leaves no note. Step 1: Remain Calm If you find yourself the victim of a hit-and-run, the most important thing you can do is to remain calm. Remember, the more information you have about the driver, the more likely you are to catch him or her. If you witness the incident, make note of identifying information, including the vehicle’s make, model, and license plate information, if possible. Second, gather information from eyewitnesses. Ask for their contact information and note whether they took any pictures or video of the incident. Finally, take time to document the accident scene: Write…

Accidente de Autobuses Coordinados USA en el Condado de Merced

Posted on August 8th, 2016

Asistencia está disponible para familias con sus queridos en el choque fatal de Autobuses Coordinados USA en el Condado de Merced Desde su fundación en 1998, los abogados de lesiónes personales Estey y Bomberger son especialistas en ayudar a las víctimas y sobrevivientes de accidents y lesiónes catastróficos. Nuestros abogados agresivos y persistentes están preparando para ayudar a varios supervivientes y sus familias. Como los detalles del accidente se aclararán, tenemos el tiempo para dar atención a más sobrevivientes y sus queridos. Nuestros abogados son implacables en obtener el resultado más alto y mejor para usted. Muchos clientes dicen que nuestro guía en todo del proceso era tan importante, que ayudó a sanar durante un tiempo muy difícil. Ayuda, en un sentido legal, es importante por dos razones. Uno, la familia y los amigos son ideales, y necesario, emocionalmente, pero no son ideales para apoyar legalmente también. Dos, las grandes organizaciones y sus compañías de seguros, generalmente, tener grandes recursos financieros, así como las grandes burocracias – que no suelen estar interesados en la admisión de culpa, y mucho menos el pago de las víctimas en una manera justa. Un Grupo Formidable con Bienes Fuertes, de su Lado El grupo…

Autobuses Coordinados USA Accident

Posted on August 3rd, 2016

Help is Available for Families with Loved Ones Aboard Autobuses Coordinados USA’s Fatal Crash in Merced County Since its 1998 founding, Estey & Bomberger’s personal injury attorneys have specialized in helping victims and survivors of catastrophic accidents and injuries.  Our aggressive and persistent attorneys are already preparing to help several survivors and their families.  As the details of the crash further-unfold, we have made additional bandwidth available, to be able to give attention to more survivors and loved ones.  Our lawyers are relentless in obtaining the highest and best result for you. Many clients have said that our guidance through the process was so important, that it helped them heal during a very difficult time.  Help, in a legal sense, is important for two reasons.  One, family and friends are ideal, and necessary, as emotional support, but they are not likely well-equipped to be legal support as well.  Two, large organizations and their insurance companies typically have large financial resources as well as large bureaucracies – they are not usually interested in admitting any fault, much less paying victims fairly for it.  A Formidable Team with Strong Assets, on your Side The legal team at Estey & Bomberger is always…

How Dangerous Is Road Rage?

Posted on June 27th, 2016

Most people experience frustration on the roadway. This is a normal response to unpleasant road conditions, but it can also serve as a precursor to road rage. When drivers act on their frustration using aggressive gestures, language, and driving practices, they have road rage. If you or someone you love is ever injured in an accident that was caused by an overally aggressive driver or a driver with road rage, don’t hesitate in contacting an experienced San Diego auto accident lawyer for help. What Makes Road Rage Dangerous? The size and power of a vehicle make road rage more dangerous than other displays of anger. People who give into this phenomenon may use their vehicles as weapons and put lives in danger. They can precipitate serious accidents both purposefully and negligently. Common levels of road rage include: Minor road rage. Verbally insulting other drivers, thinking about violence towards another driver, throwing your hands up, and making rude gestures are all signs of extreme frustration or minor road rage. If drivers are not aware of their behaviors, these acts can progress into more dangerous forms of road rage. Escalating road rage. Threatening other drivers on the roadway, honking your horn out…

What You Need to Know About Internal Bleeding and Personal Injury Law

Posted on June 16th, 2016

External bleeding is easy to recognize, but it may not have any readily identifiable symptoms at first. Internal bleeding most commonly occurs after physical trauma and can lead to serious complications and death. What Causes Internal Bleeding? Internal bleeding can arise from various traumatic injuries, including: Broken bones. Most broken bones cause temporary internal bleeding. Slip and fall accidents and being struck with objects. Experiencing repeated blows to the body during an act of violence or crashing into an object with force, such as a steering wheel or the edge of the sidewalk, may cause internal bleeding. Compression injuries. When someone is wedged between two objects, organs and bones may rupture or break, causing internal bleeding. Penetration injuries. Undergoing surgery or suffering from impalement can cause internal and external bleeding injuries. In addition to the initial cause of internal bleeding, individuals may carry factors that further complicate the situation, such as: Bleeding disorders. Hemophiliacs and those with other bleeding conditions may start to bleed spontaneously or at the slightest trauma. Poor clotting factors. Those who take blood thinners or who are unable to form blood clots naturally may face a higher degree of risk than other individuals. If their own bodies cannot…

Whale Watching Ferry Crashes into Pier in San Diego

Posted on April 1st, 2016

  Highlighting the unsuspected perils of traveling aboard commercial ships and ferries, the whale watching vessel Adventure Hornblower collided with the Embarcadero Pier in San Diego on Thursday afternoon. The Hornblower company is currently investigating the cause of the crash, which apparently was due to mechanical error (a throttle becoming stuck in the forward position). Seven people were taken to area hospitals with minor head, neck, or back injuries. Though rare, boating accidents do sometimes take place. There are a number of commercial ferries and whale watching companies operating out of San Diego and other coastal Californian cities. If there is an accident due to mechanical or human error, and that accident injures you or your loved ones, and accident took place due to someone’s negligence or misconduct, then you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. The Liability of Common Carriers Passenger airlines, tour bus companies, and sightseeing ferries all fall under the same transportation category. They are “common carriers,” conveying people and goods to predetermined destinations for set rates. That being said, these private companies are not above the law. Airlines, for example, are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. There are a variety…

San Diego trolley impact death highlights dangers of bicycling on urban streets

Posted on March 10th, 2016

In the early morning hours of March 9, a Barrio Logan man was struck and killed by a trolley. The precise details of the accident are still unclear, but witnesses claim that the man was riding a bicycle and wearing earbuds, and that he failed to see the oncoming trolley bearing down on him because his attention was focused elsewhere. In October 2015, a 66-year-old Michigan man died of head injuries after being struck by an electric trolley-bus in Santa Barbara. Ultimately, the pedestrian was found to be at fault for the accident, since he stepped off the curb only two to three seconds before the bus arrived—the driver had no time to stop. These incidents serve as a grim reminder: the fact that pedestrians and bicyclists generally have the right-of-way on American roads does not absolve them of responsibility. There were almost 2,400 pedestrian deaths in 2015, a 6% increase from the previous year. Pedestrians and bicyclists alike are advised to travel without earbuds or earphones in their ears, especially when walking or biking on traffic-heavy roads. Listening to music while walking or biking lowers an individual’s awareness of what is happening around him or her. Electric trolleys and…

Deadly weekend for car accidents in San Diego County and surrounding areas

Posted on February 23rd, 2016

Car accidents kill and injure innocent children this past weekend. Numerous adults also killed and injured. It was a deadly weekend for numerous innocent children who lost their lives due to the actions of others drivers. Sadly, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death for young children, and most times the cause is a careless or negligent driver. Two young girls injured by hit and run driver in San Diego’s Tierrasanta community Update: Raquel Rosete has succumbed to the injuries suffered when she was struck by Julianne Little. Raquel Rosete had been declared brain dead after the crash on Santo Road Saturday night. A motorist accused of driving onto a sidewalk in Tierrasanta and running down two young girls, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run with injury. Police arrested Julianne Little of San Diego for suspicion of felony hit and run, and driving under the influence of drugs, after running over two children on a sidewalk in Tierrasanta Saturday night, according to San Diego Police. Two young girls, aged 10 and 12, were struck. Interstate 15 rear end car crash claims the life of 11-year-old San Bernardino County child 11-year-old Steven Lemelle of San Bernardino County was killed…

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