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Sandra T

Our family was hit with tragedy when a driver hit and killed my elderly aunt as she was crossing the crosswalk in front of her home. Needless to stay the entire family was devastated by this unexpected incident that left my other elderly aunt without a companion and a caregiver. The driver did stop right after the incident, and police report was made, however no charges were filed, and the family was at a loss of what to do next. Because my family is first generation in the United States, and being humble people from Mexico no one in the family wanted to go after the driver for criminal charges, since the incident was deemed an accident. However there were funeral expenses to pay for, and because my other aunt was left without her caregiver and life long companion she suffered so much emotionally that she ended up hospitalized with severe depression, and eventually dependent on 24 hour health care, with expenses that continued to pile up and no means to support them.

At first I thought it would be easy enough to file a claim with the driver’s insurance, because the family only wanted what was just, and still had several reservations about filing a claim in the first place, however upon learning more about dealing with insurance companies I was referred to Attorney Bomberger. He had recently settled a case for another friend of mine who was a victim of a drunk driver as she crossed the street. With the first phone call to the attorney’s office I knew we were in good hands. I made the phone call in the morning and had an appointment for my free consultation the next afternoon. During the consultation Attorney Bomberger showed not only genuine concern for the tragedy our family was going through, but also gave us solid advice on what our options were. Because he works on contingency the family decided to hire Atty. Bomberger, in hopes that he would be able to handle all the details of the case, specifically dealing with the driver’s insurance company.

From day one Atty. Bomberger and his team always treated us with respect and the utmost professionalism. There was a bilingual legal assistant who accompanied Atty. Bomberger to my aunt’s home to speak with her in person, and later at the nursing home she ended up in. During the course of the case all my phone calls were returned, all my questions were answered, and most importantly I knew I had a dependable lawyer in our corner not only doing the job to get paid, but doing the best to get what the family was entitled to, to cover all the expenses incurred from the accident. The office was always in contact with me, giving me updates on the case, and basically checking in on the well-being of my aunt. I truly felt the attorney and his team went above and beyond what was expected from an attorney’s office. The attorney didn’t treat us like just another case number, he treated our family with respect, and always made us feel as if we were the only case he was handling. The case eventually was resolved, and a settlement was obtained not only for my aunt, but also for the surviving siblings. Attorney Bomberger and his team of experts did a stellar job with our case. Their professionalism, expertise, and communication are unsurpassed, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need. I was lucky to have been referred to Attorney Bomberger, and will be in his debt forever.

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