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If you are in need of a San Diego auto accident lawyer, we are here to help. At Estey & Bomberger, we have committed our practice to focusing exclusively on handling personal injury cases and the majority of work involves handling serious car accident injury cases. Feel free to call us at anytime, day or night, and we will answer any questions you have. We never charge for consultations and if we take your case, you pay nothing unless and until we recover money on your behalf.

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Information About Car Accidents

Commuting is a major part of the American lifestyle. Whether it’s fighting traffic to and from work, heading out to the coast on the weekend, or running errands with the kids, driving takes up a large portion of our time. Thankfully, cars are becoming increasingly safe and efficient as new technology develops, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the amount of car accidents and injuries are decreasing as well.

In fact, car accidents are still one of the leading causes of death in the entire United States. Millions of drivers and passengers are treated each year in U.S. emergency rooms and the economic impact is in the tens of billions of dollars annually. Car accidents are such a serious issue that the United Nations General Assembly has named 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Car Accidents in San Diego County

While San Diego is a beautiful and desirable place to live, it doesn’t come without its downfalls. One such negative involves the hectic nature of driving and commuting in and around the county. Weather conditions, defective road conditions, unexpected delays, heavy traffic, and dangerous driving behaviors can all lead to accidents, injuries, and death. Every year, statistics show more than 15,000 injuries and 125 deaths in San Diego County alone.

While traffic laws and safety regulations are attempting to curb these dangerous trends, the effects have not yet been felt. According to the NHTSA, there were over 15,000 auto accidents in San Diego County in 2013. Of these, there were 188 fatal collisions and 12,784 were injury collisions. That means nearly 85 percent of all collisions in San Diego County result in injury or death.

In those accidents, 17,778 victims were injured and 195 drivers and passengers lost their lives. Taking a look at San Diego County specifically, the leading causes of collisions were Unsafe Speed (5,068), Improper Turning (2,686), Automobile Right-Of-Way (1,731), and Driving or Bicycling Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (1,204).

Common Causes of Car Accidents

While the cause of every car accident is unique and different, it’s usually possible to blame the majority of collisions on a few common causes. Sadly, drivers are not learning from past mistakes and continue to put others at risk when they cause collisions as a result of the following:

  • Distracted Driving The leading cause of car accidents and collisions is almost always distracted driving, regardless of the state, county, or city. Distracted driving refers to texting, using a cell phone, eating, drinking, grooming, reading, using a navigation system, talking to passengers, watching a video, listening to music, or adjusting the radio.

While all of these are alarming behaviors, texting is probably the most concerning of all. Because it requires the user to be engaged visually, manually, and cognitively, it poses a serious risk. Data shows there are more than 660,000 drivers using cell phones while driving at any given moment.

  • Speeding It’s pretty difficult to ignore speeding on any list of common car accident causes. As mentioned, traveling at an unsafe speed was responsible for 5,068 collisions in San Diego County in 2013. That accounted for almost 33 percent of total collisions in the county. Speeding can almost always be attributed to a lack of paying attention, being in a rush, or trying to efficiently make use of time on the road. While these are all very real concerns, none of these are excuses for car accidents.
  • Driving Under the Influence As much publicity as driving under the influence receives, you would think the numbers would subside. Sadly, though, people continue to operate their vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In San Diego County alone, driving or bicycling under the influence injured 1,273 victims and killed 26 victims in 2013.

While this is certainly one of the leading causes of car accidents, it is also one of the most preventable. However, the responsibility is ultimately in the hands of those on the road.

  • Other Causes Other leading causes include driver fatigue, reckless driving, rubber-necking or gawking, defective car parts, bad weather conditions, and unsafe roadways.

Top 10 Most Common Cars Involved in Accidents in San Diego


Types of Injuries Related to Car Accidents

Car accidents often lead to a number of painful and debilitating injuries. While a collision can take a toll on any and every part of the body, certain areas are more susceptible to harm. Here is a list of common car accident injuries:

  • Back and Neck Because of the amount of force a typical car collision produces, drivers and passengers are frequently thrown around and jolted. Less serious neck injuries include whiplash and neck strain, while severe cases can include disc displacement, cervical radiculopathy, or any number of other conditions of the neck. In conjunction with the neck, the back is also a high risk site. Injuries here include strains, sprains, fractures, disc injuries, and more serious issues like lumbar radiculopathy and thoracic spine injury.
  • Head and Brain Closed head injuries, ranging from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries, are another common injury. These often occur when the head makes direct impact with some part of the vehicle. When airbags go off, the high impact nature of collisions can cause head or brain injuries as a result of making contact with the airbag.
  • Broken Bones Broken and fractured bones are commonly treated in car accident victims. Arms, legs, fingers, wrists, ankles, and collar bones are some of the common places for bones to break, but nearly every part of the body is at risk in a high impact collision.
  • Burns Unfortunately, burns are a common consequence of car accidents in San Diego. The friction caused by contact with moving parts in the car or the roadway itself can leave victims with serious first, second, or third degree burns on their bodies. Our burn injury lawyers are well versed in car accident related burn cases.
  • Loss of Limb When a car accident is very serious in nature, victims can often lose limbs as a result of being trapped in compromising positions. Injures of this nature may lead to partial or full amputations.
  • Cuts and Lacerations Other major injuries include cuts and lacerations to the face, limbs, abdomen, and back. These can range from mild to serious in nature and often require sutures and bandaging.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of injuries resulting from car accidents, these are some of the most common and frequently reported among victims seeking medical attention.

Dealing with Insurance

Aside from injuries, dealing with insurance can be one of the most difficult parts of being involved in a car accident. There are things you should do, things you shouldn’t do, tips, suggestions, and pieces of advice coming from all angles. While there is some truth to much of this information, dealing with insurance after a car accident can be broken down into basic advice.

  • Contacting Insurance First and foremost, it’s important to understand who you need to talk with. When at fault, it is important to notify your insurance company right away.As a victim of another’s negligence, you may call the other driver’s insurance company or wait to hear from them. If you haven’t heard from them in a reasonable amount of time – usually a couple of days – it’s best to contact them yourself.
  • Know Your Rights The insurance process can be tricky and confusing for those outside of the industry, so make sure you know and understand your rights. If you are speaking with your insurance company, they can require you to give a recorded statement.

This statement will be used to determine who is at fault and what they may owe. When speaking with the other driver’s insurance company, you are not required to give a recorded statement and should not under any circumstances offer one. Anything you say could be used against you.

Who is Liable?

Car accident liability is largely determined by the exact circumstances of the accident. What makes one driver liable in a given accident may not mean another driver is liable in a separate collision. However, there are a few rules that hold true in the large majority of situations.

Rear end collisions are almost always the fault of the driver hitting the other vehicle from behind. While there are circumstances that change liability in these situations, they are few and far between. The rule of the road is that you are supposed to leave enough room between your vehicle and the car in front of you to stop if necessary.

In situations involving a left turn collision, the driver making the turn is almost always at fault. That’s because all other vehicles usually have the right of way over a left turning vehicle. Exceptions may include a car speeding through an intersection, running a red light, or failure to obey a yield sign.

Generally speaking, the police report will determine liability. The police officer on the scene will record statements, make notes of injuries, and file a report suggesting which party is liable for the accident. It is usually difficult to get around the details of the official police report, but it is certainly possible with professional assistance.

What to do After a Car Accident

After a car accident, it is important to remember a few things. While it can be difficult to remain calm after such a traumatic event, the outcome from here on out will depend on your ability to do so. First, take a deep breath and check your surroundings. Are you or any of the passengers in your car injured? If there are serious injuries, call an ambulance immediately. If the accident is minor and there are no apparent injuries, move the accident to a safe place and away from traffic.

If the accident is serious in nature, it is best to leave the vehicles where they are until the police arrive. When doing this, be sure to turn on hazard lights, use cones, flares, or any other safety mechanism to which you have access. You do not want to cause additional accidents.

After checking for injuries and calling for medical attention, the police should be contacted. The police will ask for statements and write up an official report.

Important tips to remember after an auto accident include:

  • Never make incriminating statements, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Make immediate notes regarding what happened, as you are apt to forget details later.
  • Never sign any documents unless it is specifically for the police or your own insurance.
  • Contact a lawyer for further help with liability, injuries, and other circumstances.

You can find additional information on our car accident FAQ’s page.

Tips for Choosing a Lawyer

If you have been injured in a car accident, it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. But, what do you look for? Here are a few tips on choosing a good lawyer:

  • Experience Always choose a lawyer with experience. Specifically, you want a lawyer with a history of taking cases similar to your situation.
  • Knowledge You can tell much about a lawyer by asking for their education achievements, certifications, and association memberships.
  • Fees You should only choose lawyers that charge on a contingency fee basis. In this case, you don’t pay lawyer fees unless your case is successful settled. This shows confidence and honesty on the part of the lawyer.
  • History An honest and truthful lawyer will let you see past results and previous settlements to give you an idea of what to expect.

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