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San Diego Ferry Accident Lawyer

Why Hire a San Diego County Ferry Accident Lawyer?

What’s your plan for a lawyer if you or loved ones are injured in a San Diego County ferry accident? You’ll need a powerful ally in the fight against private transit companies. They have deep financial resources and will be unwilling to pay out for accident-related injuries. You also need someone with legal knowledge and an aggressive, uncompromising stance to help you negotiate for a settlement or take your case to trial. A competent personal injury lawyer will spare no expense in hiring experts, investigating the circumstances of your accident, and building a strong case. It can be difficult to prove liability in the case of San Diego County ferry accidents, but the law firm of Estey Bomberger can give you the best possible chance at winning the settlement you deserve.

If you’ve been involved in a ferry accident in San Diego County, it is smart to contact an attorney experienced in ferry, or other transit, accidents. If a transit operator is negligent in discharging his duties, then the crewmember(s) who committed the negligent acts, and possibly the parent company of the vessel, may be liable for damages.

Though rare, San Diego County ferry accidents do occur. In late March 2016, a Hornblower whale watching vessel smashed into the pier at the Embarcadero in San Diego. A mechanical malfunction caused the incident: a throttle became jammed in the forward position, prohibiting the vessel from slowing down, and it crashed into the pier at speed. Seven people were taken to the hospital for neck and back injuries, and the pier and bow of the ship received serious damage.

What you must prove to win your personal injury case.

First, you must prove that a relationship existed between you and the ferry company. This is easy to establish. If you paid for a ticket aboard a ferry or a water taxi, then an unspoken contract exists between you and the ferry company: they are honor-bound to transport you to your destination safely.

Second, you must prove that the ferry company failed to conduct its affairs in a reasonably safe or serviceable manner. This is often done when your San Diego County ferry accidents attorney hires transportation officials and other experts to establish a “standard of conduct.” By interviewing these knowledgeable individuals, your attorney will make the case that there was a certain reasonable “standard of conduct” which was violated by the ferry company which caused your injuries.

Finally, it must be shown that the ferry company’s failure to live up to the standard of conduct caused an accident, and that accident grievously harmed you or your family. This harm can take various forms. It may be physical, such as a terrible injury. This injury may have altered your lifestyle until you can no longer enjoy the hobbies or pastimes you once loved. Your damages may be financial—your hospital bills may be sky-high, or you lost wages due to being hospitalized. Your damages may also be emotional, if the accident was traumatic and psychologically scarring. Under certain circumstances, you may claim some or all of these damages in civil court.

Get Help from the Best

The law firm of Estey & Bomberger can help you seek justice. We have the resources and the know-how to thoroughly research your case, get the best possible expert testimony, and win a record-setting settlement. Our focus is second to none—we take only a few cases every year, so we can give yours the attention and special care it deserves. We also take cases on a contingency basis, and you won’t pay a penny unless we win. You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of a ferry company’s negligent behavior. If you or loved ones have been injured in San Diego County ferry accidents, call us today at 1.800.925.0723 or go to ebtrialattorneys.com.

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If you are hesitant to contact us about your claim, it may help you to gain an understanding of what personal injury law is, and what is is not. We are ready to help you. Whether you prefer talking on the phone, coming into our office in San Diego, or you need us to come to where you are, give us a call at 1-800-925-0723 to schedule an appointment.

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